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Botox reduces Anxiety?

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Anxiety and worry are common. In fact, almost 1 in 5 people are noted to suffer from anxiety each year which means that in any five year period each of us is likely to have a period of anxiety. I think these numbers are artificially low. You see, you are here today because of anxiety […]

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

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Have you seen the television show Cribs on MTV? How about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl, or Million Dollar Listing? Each of these television programs, and many more, brings us into the world of the rich and famous. We see how they live, how they travel, what preoccupies them, and the surrounds […]

Captured in Words

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At The Spiegel Center we have a mission statement, “Through innovative solutions and extraordinary care, we provide the best results and highest quality experience in the world.” Every day everybody at TSC strives to live up to this goal. Many of the services we provide were either designed or perfected here. Though our procedures are […]

5 Ways Plastic Surgery Can Change Your Life Forever

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If you’re still on the fence about having plastic surgery, chances are good that you have some questions. Is it worth the pain and expense? Will you really feel better afterward? Here are five ways in which plastic surgery can change your life forever – and for the better. #1 – It Can Help You […]

Five Amazing Feelings Felt Post Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can be a life changing experience. When done for the right reasons, it can dramatically improve one’s life. Five amazing feelings felt post plastic surgery are: An Increased Self Esteem An increase in self esteem has been reported by patients who’ve undergone breast augmentation, nose rhinoplasty, mole removal, ear lobe repair, and many […]

A Prime Example of Doing what makes you Happy with Plastic Surgery

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According to an article published in the U.K.’s Mirror and The Blaze, it would seem as though there are people out there who are willing to go to virtually any length to look younger and/or like someone else. Recently, a 57 year old mother in the U.K. spent approximately $60,000 (£40,000) on a range of […]

Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures that Provide the Largest Boost in Confidence

In most cases, facial plastic surgery is performed because patients feel insecure or dissatisfied with one or more aspects of their appearances. Below are just a few examples of procedures that can not only help improve a patient’s appearance; they will go a long way in being instrumental with regards to boosting their self-esteem as […]

With Spring around the Corner, Now is the Time to Start your Plastic Surgery Wish List

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As the warmer weather approaches, more people start considering how they will look while spending time around the pool in their bikinis. While some of them will rather go into hiding because they feel self-conscious about the way they look, it is not necessary to go to this extreme. There are a few different procedures […]

Now that you have had Plastic Surgery Performed – 5 Ways to Feel as Good as you Look!

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Most people have plastic surgery performed because there are one or more aspects of their appearances that are causing them to feel self-conscious. After having your chosen procedures performed, there are a few other steps you can take to help ensure that you feel as good as you look. 1. Drink more Water This is […]

Why Botox Will Make you Feel Awesome

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You may think of Botox as something that is supposed to erase years off of your appearance. The truth is that Botox treatments can also make you feel great in a number of ways. Enhanced Self Esteem Aside from reducing wrinkles, Botoxalso has the ability to improve your self-esteem. That’s because when you look your […]

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