Surgical Lip Enhancement

When we talk about attractive mouths, lips that are full, curved, and shapely come to mind. Lip fillers are a popular and reliable way to achieve a beautiful result, however, one of the major factors in a good-looking smile and youthful, sexy mouth is the length of the upper lip, specifically as it relates to tooth show. 

Many love the look of the mouth when the upper lip does not fully block the upper teeth, and see that hint of tooth as quite beautiful. The appearance of the tooth gets smaller with time. Reduced or no tooth show can make one look masculine and older. It’s a subliminal sign of facial aging and a lack of femininity. This is where a lip lift becomes the perfect solution. 

A lip lift in Boston will raise the upper lip to give it a fuller look, and allow for that glimpse of upper teeth. This creates a better shape to the upper lip and more desirable brightness around the mouth. If the lip is thin, augmentation with your body’s own natural tissue can be done at the same time for an even fuller lip.

Types Of Lip Lift

Typically, a segment of skin is removed in a groove beneath and inside the nose to shorten the distance between your nose and upper lip, while lifting the upper lip. Your surgeon will customize where they lift to get the right shape everywhere, not just in the center of the mouth. The corners can be elevated as well for a happier, more friendly appearance. 

Stitches are typically in place for one week, and you’ll look great shortly thereafter. If you want fuller lips at the same time, your surgeon can place the skin and fat removed from high on the lip back into the vermilion body of the lip for a beautiful, full pout! For many people, a lip lift with augmentation is the missing element between looking good and looking great.

There are a number of different options for lip implants (natural, synthetic, solid, or injected) that can be added to provide additional fullness to the lips. The most common natural implant used at the Spiegel Center is called a dermal fat graft. This is a mixture of fat, skin, and soft tissue, a small piece of living tissue that is placed into the lips. This normally comes from the skin removed, but it can also come from a scar elsewhere on your body (from a different surgery). A third option is that the augmentation can be done with fat we take from somewhere you don’t want it.

Since the implant is made from your own tissue, there are fewer allergies, infections, or other reactions to worry about. The results are long-lasting, and the lips feel completely natural! Many other options are also available ranging from fat grafting to injectable fillers, to permanent implants. A permanent “Permalip” implant is also available, and we place many of these. They last forever and are very natural and soft.

Lips are typically somewhat puffy following these procedures—especially if an implant is placed. However, the majority of swelling is gone quickly. There are other great non-surgical options, including Restylane®, Juvederm®, or Versa, which are dermal fillers to give you luscious full lips.

Lip Lift and Lip Augmentation

If the distance between your nose and lip has been getting longer, it’s time for this quick office procedure. Our experienced surgeons can lift your lip and create a more voluptuous and youthful mouth. Projection and fullness can also improve. The procedure is done right in the office with local anesthesia and takes less than 45 minutes. Our award-winning double board-certified physicians are likely the most experienced surgeons in the world at this procedure. Ask for more information if you don’t know about this powerful and amazing rejuvenation! It’s so easy to learn more. Come see us today!

Lip Filler

Restylane L™, Lyft™, Defyne™, and Refyne™, Juvederm Ultra™, and Ultra Plus™, Voluma™, Volbella™, Radiesse™, Sculptra™, and Allofill™ offer a variety of options for facial contouring, filling grooves and concavities, shaping the nose, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenating the hands, improving facial symmetry, and more. Additionally, lip fillers are available to enhance and augment lips. The experts at The Spiegel Center have been pioneers in facial analysis and utilizing these materials in the most effective and aesthetically pleasing ways. Results can last 6 months to 2 years, or longer, depending on the product and location. Share your goals with us, and we’ll find you the right solution.

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Recovering From Your Lip Lift

A lip lift with augmentation is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to return home the same day as your procedure. Stitches are typically in place for one week. There may be some swelling and bruising around the area, but this will subside quickly during your recovery. Once the swelling subsides, your lips will start to look absolutely gorgeous.

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Innovators And Experts In Lip Lift

The physicians at The Spiegel Center are recognized as some of the world’s masters of lip lifting and shaping. Dr. Spiegel himself was the first surgeon to report the ability to perform a lip lift at the same time as a rhinoplasty and is widely credited with repopularizing lip lifts in the United States due to his experience and techniques.

Dr. Onir pioneered a popular non-surgical way to achieve similar results called the ‘lip flip.’ Dr. Tower has been performing lip lifts as part of facial rejuvenation and with facelifts for years for ideal facial balance. Give The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, a call today to schedule a consultation for your lip lift with augmentation and get the pout of your dreams.

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