Forehead Contouring Tailored To Your Specific Needs

The facial plastic surgeons at The Spiegel Center are highly sought after by Asian patients from around the US and the world for forehead contouring, a surgical way to make the forehead more proportional and harmonious with the rest of the face. While there is no monolithic Asian face, a retruded, or flattened, forehead and high natural hairlines are not uncommon among those of Asian descent. 

What Happens During A Forehead Contouring Surgery?

Contouring the forehead is often achieved by restructuring upper facial bones, as well as the use of facial implants. This surgery requires a customized approach because each patient’s needs are different. Generally, the forehead bones, brow ridge, and eye sockets are reshaped to achieve the desired look. Gaps or indentations can also be corrected during the procedure, as well as reshaping or lowering of the hairline.

Facial Implants To Balance The Face

Facial implants add shape and projection to the forehead. Implants are made of flexible medical-grade silicone or Gore-Tex ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene). Facial implants do not move and look and feel completely natural. In some cases, bone grafting material is used for forehead shaping, especially to make the forehead more convex.  

Discerning the right height, width, and thickness of a surgically contoured forehead is only possible with rigorous training and experience. Our team at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, has extensive knowledge of the particulars of Asian facial structure, and caters their techniques accordingly for results that are exactly what each patient desires.  Our surgeons have unique experience in cranial bone surgery for the safest most predictable outcomes.

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What Is Forehead Lowering / Scalp Advancement?

Some Asian patients feel that large foreheads age them and make their faces look unbalanced and asymmetrical. This issue can be exacerbated with age, and more women than you would think  seek help for it. Thankfully, there is a solution. 

For lowering hairlines, an incision  is made on the forehead and the scalp is gently repositioned lower, shortening the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline. Then, meticulous sutures close the incision, which is eventually camouflaged by hair. We can also change the shape of the hairline to round it more if desired.

What Is The Recovery Process Like?

This procedure is done as an outpatient one, so you can go home shortly after the short surgery. Some swelling but minimal bruising are to be expected and can last up to two weeks. Dissolvable stitches are typically used, so you can go home and stay in touch with your doctor via video if you live outside of our area.

Patients should plan for a few days off, though light desk work and other non-taxing routine activities can resume even the next day for motivated people. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for two weeks, or until cleared by your surgeon. 

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What Results Can I Expect?

After you heal, you can expect a smoother forehead that is proportionate to the rest of your face. Your profile will be softer and better balanced, and your face as a whole should have improved symmetry. Forehead contouring also rejuvenates your look. Those who wish to feminize their faces will notice a marked reduction of masculine characteristics. People may say you look rested, friendly, and approachable

The results of forehead contouring are permanent; since they will last the rest of your life, it is imperative to select a specialist who has a proven track record of great results. Not only are the doctors at The Spiegel Center educated about the specific needs of Asian patients, they are world-renowned for forehead reshaping surgeries. 

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Is Forehead Contouring For Me?

The most common reason Asian patients pursue forehead contouring is to achieve a more balanced and proportional face, as well as create a well-defined profile. Some pursue the procedure to rejuvenate their faces and make them more feminine. Patients who seek forehead contouring: 

  • Have realistic expectations
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have a heavy brow or wide forehead
  • Have a forehead that appears flat or concave
  • Wish to look younger or more feminine
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Trust The Spiegel Center For Extraordinary Care

Dr. Spiegel created The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, twenty years ago, and it has since become known worldwide for innovation in complex surgeries. In addition to high-caliber training and decades of experience, the team at The Speigel Center provides uncompromising patient-centric care. 

Our surgeons are double board-certified plastic surgeons who have dedicated their careers to providing patients with the most advanced solutions to enhance the way they look. Listening to each patient’s goals and understanding their motivations for cosmetic surgery play an integral role in our approach. To schedule a consultation, contact The Spiegel Center today.

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