Reinvigorate Your Appearance

Do you have sagging brows or dark circles under your eyes that make you look aged and tired? Though you may not like looking sad or fatigued, you might be hesitant to undergo surgery. This is perfectly understandable; thankfully, there is a very effective non-invasive way to treat these issues called the non-surgical eyelid lift. 

A Safe, Quick, Way To Look Younger

The expert team of board-certified doctors at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts regularly perform stunning transformations with a variety of non-invasive options. 

Dermal Fillers

By subtly increasing the volume in the under-eye region to reduce shadowing, expert injector Dr. Onir and the non-surgical team help patients who look tired and worn out appear attractive and vibrant. Using dermal fillers, Dr. Onir can not only eliminate dark circles, but she can also contour the eyelid for a pleasing and younger look. 


As we age, sagging skin exacerbates the appearance of a dull eye area. AccuTite is a  subdermal, concentrated energy treatment that can tighten skin and lift and reposition sagging brows. AccuTite can also shave years off the lower and upper eyelids, and stimulate your own body to produce new collagen cells as well as reduce facial fat. AccuTite is a popular alternative to eyelid surgery. 

Other Options

BOTOX, laser skin resurfacing, and chemical peels offer alternative ways to revitalize the eyes by tightening loose skin and muscles of the area. The best way to discern the right approach for you is to schedule a consultation with our medical spa team lead, Dr. Onir.

Is AccuTite Safe?

Yes. AccuTite is approved by the FDA as a safe way to tighten skin and reduce fatty tissue. The device uses concentrated radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells beneath the skin’s surface and induce the creation of collagen. AccuTite is performed with a local numbing agent, and the AccuTite device is specially designed to stay at a comfortable temperature - this means there’s no chance of your skin being damaged by heat.

Most AccuTite sessions are under an hour, though a longer time may be required if the scope of correction is significant. A consultation with Dr. Onir or another board-certified doctor or medical professional at The Spiegel Center team is the best way to learn if AccuTite is right for you.

What Is Recovery Like After A Non-surgical Eyelid Lift?

The best part about choosing a non-surgical route is that you won’t need to take time off a week from work or your normal activities, as surgical patients do. With BOTOX and dermal fillers, mild redness, and sensitivity may follow treatment. This is normal and will subside by the next day. 

AccuTite requires a small incision, and most patients take a day or two before returning to their normal routines. Results from AccuTite take time to appear, as new, smoother skin cells regenerate and rejuvenate the area. 

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Is A Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift Right For Me?

If you’re after a younger, well-rested look but do not want to undergo surgery, a non-surgical eyelid lift could be ideal for you. Most non-surgical eyelid lift treatments are quick and require no downtime. Here’s what a non-surgical eyelid lift can do for you:

  • Correct sagging or droopy brows
  • Give the eyes a younger, refreshed appearance
  • Tighten loose skin without surgery
  • Erase dark circles under the eye
  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • Save money as a cheaper alternative to surgery

Why Choose The Spiegel Center?

Experience and consistently great results are the two most important factors to consider when making cosmetic adjustments to your face. The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, has been a well-known and highly acclaimed destination for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for twenty years.

Dr. Spiegel, Dr. Onir, and the entire team of board-certified doctors and medical professionals at The Spiegel Center enjoy stellar reputations for their work, using their expertise to transform clients into confident, happy people who are proud of the way they look. Contact The Spiegel Center today to schedule your consultation.

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