A More Refined Face

Though there are many variations in facial structure among people of Asian descent, one common request the physician team at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, receives from Asian patients is to recontour or reduce the cheeks for a more balanced and slender-looking face. While some patients need only a cheek reduction, others benefit from adjustments to both their cheeks and jawline for a sleek, V-line shape to the face.

How Does Cheek Shaping Work?

Some patients desire a reduction and contour of their prominent cheekbones. To achieve this, our doctors at The Spiegel Center gently reshape the cheekbones using a combination of bone shaving and cutting. All modifications are made through small incisions that are concealed inside the mouth and sometimes the scalp, to ensure no visible scarring on the face. The malar and zygomatic bones are addressed as needed.

In order to do this well, detailed knowledge of Asian facial anatomy is required, as well as years of experience with proven results. We understand the complexities that Asian cheek shaping requires, and they use their considerable expertise to craft results that look beautiful and natural, while preserving cultural identity.

Buccal Fat Removal To Slim Chubby Cheeks

In addition to reducing the shape and volume of the cheekbones, cheek size can be reduced by the removal of pockets of fat in the cheek called buccal fat. In this simple procedure, carefully placed incisions are made inside the mouth, and the buccal fat is either partially or completely removed. 

There are no external scars, and recovery from buccal fat removal is relatively quick. While the procedure has fewer steps than most other surgical corrections, only a skilled plastic surgeon has the ability to assess how much fat to remove and the best way to properly position and contour any buccal fat that remains for sculpted, natural-looking cheeks. 

Should I Consider Cheek Shaping?

If your face feels too round, flat, or square for your liking and you desire an oval-shaped face with more refinement to your cheekbones, then cheek shaping may be appropriate for you. Ideal candidates for cheek shaping are those who:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Desire a less wide face 
  • Feel that rounded cheeks make them look childlike
  • Feel dissatisfied by a square-shaped face
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What Is Recovery Like?

After surgery, you can go home accompanied by a friend or family member. Your face will be bandaged in compression bandages, and you can expect some swelling but minimal bruising. Pain medication can be prescribed to ensure comfort during this period. A softer diet is helpful for the first few days, but you’ll soon be able to eat whatever you wish.  

A Smooth Healing Process

Cold compresses are recommended to reduce discomfort and swelling. Follow-up visits in person or via video will be scheduled so your surgeon can ensure that everything is progressing as planned. Most patients should see results within a week to ten days post-surgery, and the results continue to improve as swelling comes down further.

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Reduced Cheek Volume & Size

After your surgery, your face will have a slimmer contour that looks natural and elegant. Cheek width will appear smaller, and the face will be resculpted into a more oval shape. Any squareness to the face will be minimized, and the face will be well-balanced. Cheek shaping is permanent, unless there is significant weight gain. Final results are best assessed once swelling is completely gone, which takes a few months for most patients. 

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Top Tier Facial Plastic Surgeons 

The physicians at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, are the premier plastic surgeons of the East Coast. Headed by double board-certified plastic surgeons, The Spiegel Center has performed facial contouring surgeries for over twenty years.

We proudly receive patients from all over the United States and the world who are attracted by our stellar results and reputation for innovative solutions and uncompromising care. Call The Spiegel Center today to schedule your consultation! 

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