A Surgeon Who Understands

Seasoned facial plastic surgeons understand there are variations between Caucasian and Asian facial structures. Patients who desire a sleeker, more contoured jaw should choose a specialist who is well-versed in the unique anatomical considerations that Asian facial plastic surgery requires. Dr. Spiegel and Dr. Tower meet and surpass this criterion. Our team strives to maintain a natural look, creating subtle yet impactful tweaks that preserve cultural identity. 

A V-shaped, Refined Face

Some women of Asian descent desire a delicately contoured jaw to counteract the square or strong jaw they were born with. They find that a boxy-jaw detracts from a feminine face, and makes them look less attractive than they would like. Dr. Spiegel can craft an elegant, v-lined jawline that is soft and beautiful, giving the patient a pleasing and pretty facial profile. This procedure is done using incisions placed in the mouth, making visible scarring a non-issue.

Is Jaw Surgery Right For Me?

Have you always felt self-conscious about your poorly-defined jaw? Do you have no chin or jawline definition, regardless of how much you work out? If so, jaw surgery can give you a stronger, more masculine facial profile. These are common aesthetic complaints that can be addressed with jaw surgery:

  • Short or weak chin
  • Little or no separation between lower face and neck
  • Face looks too round and soft
  • Face appears feminine
  • Double Chin

A Chiseled, Strong Jaw

Asian men who seek jaw surgery often desire a handsome and streamlined look, one that gives them a more prominent chin and jaw. Long regarded as a hallmark of masculinity, a stronger, shapely jaw can be achieved with jaw bone contouring and the use of facial implants. Dr. Spiegel can accentuate facial features and establish a clean, crisp distinction between the chin and lower face. 

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What Happens During Jaw Contouring Surgery?

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Spiegel aims to create each patient’s desired jaw shape and angle during this procedure. While specific techniques vary based on patient need and anatomy, Dr. Spiegel uses a combination of delicate bone reduction or removal, facial implants, and in some cases, facial fat transfers, BOTOX, and fillers to contour the lower face. Thick or loose skin around the jaw can be removed as well. 

Dr. Spiegel has extensive experience with facial plastic surgery on Asian patients, and employs custom techniques that improve the facial structure without resulting in an anglicized look. In addition, Dr. Spiegel and his team have eliminated external scarring by exclusively using incisions made inside the mouth. 

Recovery After Facial Contouring

Most patients have easy and uneventful recoveries and are able to resume desk work and light activity in about a week. Dr. Spiegel provides each patient with a specialized recovery plan, which will have detailed instructions to follow for optimal results and quick healing. 

Discomfort, swelling, and bruising are normal, and pain medication will be prescribed for the days following the procedure. Exercise and strenuous physical activity should be avoided until Dr. Spiegel gives his approval. Patients are encouraged to sleep with their heads elevated to diminish swelling. 

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What Results Can I Expect?

When performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon such as those found at The Spiegel Center, surgical modifications to the chin or jaw result in a well-defined contour that renders the face more balanced, harmonious, and attractive. Those who desire a slimmer, v-shaped look will find that their face is more feminine and delicate, giving them an overall prettier appearance. 

Patients who seek a more masculine face will have a defined chin and jaw, and a clear separation between their lower face and neck. Their facial profile will be crisp, proportional, and strong, and any excess skin will be removed, giving them a rejuvenated and more handsome face. For all patients, final results are apparent in about six weeks after the procedure, once all swelling subsides.

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Why The Spiegel Center?

Our team has more experience with lower face contouring than any other plastic surgery practice in the world. We have performed thousands of these procedures and even pioneered techniques for better results and faster recovery times. 

Led by double board-certified plastic surgeons, the team at The Spiegel Center understands better than most that each surgery requires a custom approach.  We have the specific knowledge necessary to produce outstanding results for Asian patients. Call us today to schedule your consultation at our Newtown, Massachusetts, offices!

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