Tired Of Looking Tired?

For many people, the earliest signs of aging appear directly below the eyes. Dark circles, sagging skin, and hollowing occur as the skin loses elasticity and volume loss progresses with aging. The unfortunate result is a more aged and tired appearance. Facial experts refer to this region as the “tear trough,” and it is one of the most challenging areas to rejuvenate.

Fillers Are The Answer For Your Dark Circles

Dermal fillers are a popular and effective way to make the eyes look brighter, rested, and younger. The Spiegel Center’s non-surgical division is headed by Dr. Onir Spiegel, who is considered a Master Injector and has over 15 years of experience.

She has the skill set and artistic eye to apply fillers for subtle, beautiful results. Though fillers are a great option, alternatives exist like an eyelid lift or a fat transfer. Laser treatments like AccuTite can also provide the youthful and rested look that you desire. 

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Quick & No Downtime Needed

Dermal Fillers can do more than plump your cheeks and add volume to your lips. They are a popular solution for tear trough rejuvenation, as they can serve as a replacement for the fat and tissue lost during the aging process. Fillers usually last between 6-12 months, though it is not rare for patients to experience tear trough fillers that last several years with just one or two treatments. 

Restylane®, Versa®, and Juvederm ™ are just a few of the many options that we provide at The Spiegel Center. The active ingredient in these fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid gels bind to water molecules, helping your skin retain moisture and giving your skin a more supple and youthful look and feel.

Fillers: What To Expect 

Tear trough injections are not painful. Some patients may feel a little anxious prior to the injection process. Our team will make sure you are calm and comfortable throughout. Most are pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the process is. A small anesthetic injection (like the one you get at the dentist's office) may be applied to help numb the area prior to the injection process.

There may be some swelling under the eyes as well as some minor bruising, but these issues should subside over the next few days and can be covered up with makeup. We recommend that you rest following your treatment, but you should be able to resume most of your normal activities fairly quickly.

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No Substitute For Expertise

Effectively treating the tear trough area is difficult. Natural and beautiful results can only be achieved by an expert who specializes in facial procedures. If performed incorrectly by a less experienced practitioner, an unnatural bulge or unsightly bluish skin color can result. Dr. Onir and all the practitioners at The Spiegel Center are recognized facial injection experts known for excellence with complex regions such as the tear troughs. 

Cost And Payment Options

During your initial consultation at The Spiegel Center, our patient care coordinators will take the time to answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the expected cost of your tear trough rejuvenation. Cost varies based on a variety of factors such as scope of correction and the amount of product needed. Our team can inform you of payment and financing options on offer. 

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Give Yourself A Fresh And Youthful Appearance Today!

The experts at The Spiegel Center have been pioneers in facial rejuvenation for years, and are some of the most experienced practitioners when it comes to tear trough rejuvenation. At TSC, we can give you the refreshed and rejuvenated look that you desire. Give us a call to schedule a consultation for your tear trough treatment today.

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