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Faces are the most important part of any first impression, and feeling uncomfortable with your appearance can easily make initial meetings daunting and unsuccessful. If you feel self-conscious about having a poorly defined jawline but are hesitant to undergo surgery, the board-certified experts at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, can help.

How Can Fillers Help My Face Structure?

Conventional wisdom might say that an implant is the only way to recontour the face. While implants are a wonderful aid to many people, they are not the only way to create a more pleasing facial shape. Dermal fillers are often used to add definition and structure to the jaw. Fillers do this by adding volume to the target area. 

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Most fillers used to make jawlines more aesthetically pleasing are made of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that already naturally exists in the body. Hyaluronic fillers come in a variety of textures and thicknesses and, when injected, can be sculpted with precision by an experienced injector to create a well-defined jaw. Whether hyaluronic acid filler or biostimulant Ca++ based Radiesse, the results are dependent on the doctor injecting you. Hence choosing the right doctor is key to attaining beautiful results. 

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What Is The Procedure Like?

Before any injections are made, a consultation with a The Spiegel Center board-certified doctor  will take place. During this one-on-one time, you can express any concerns and goals for your face and ask any questions you may have. Your face and medical history are carefully examined. Then, a comprehensive action plan that is curated to your needs is created.

The actual session takes place in our spotless clinic and requires no more than 30 minutes. You can expect a pleasant experience, as we utilize various methods to  minimize any discomfort. Then, the appropriate dermal filler is applied in a precise amount to the chin and gently contoured to achieve the desired look. 

Do I Need To Take Time Off?

One of the aspects of jawline filler procedures that patients love is that there is no need to disrupt life. Many patients go right back to work after their fillers are placed. Others prefer to take the day off, but go back to regular life the next day. This is a low-stress way to achieve the crisp jaw of your dreams.

Mild bruising, swelling, or redness may happen and is considered normal. And we expect it to minimize or disappear in a day or two. Patients should not touch the jawline for at least 24 hours, and make sure to avoid vigorous activity and environments with excessive heat for the same period. Direct sunlight should be avoided for at least a week, and any trips outside should include a hat with full coverage and a strong sunblock.

What Will I Look Like After Jawline Filler?

Your face will look so much better. Your new snatched jawline will be defined and crisp, and your face will have a harmonious balance. Everything will look proportional, and your facial profile will be much more appealing.

Many people are nervous about injectables because examples of botched injections are so common. The truth is, when performed by an experienced doctor who has a comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and years of expertise, results look totally natural, and nobody will be able to tell.

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When It Comes To Your Face, Choose The Best

The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, is renowned for excellence. Patients come from all over the world to be treated by The Spiegel Center team. When searching for a professional to perform your jawline enhancement, make sure you select someone with years of consistently strong results.

Dr. Onir is a Master Injector and has been chosen as a Real Self patient favorite multiple times. She has pioneered her own techniques and regularly instructs other doctors on the best way to shape and contour the face using dermal fillers. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Onir or another experienced member of our TSC team, contact us today.

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