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Dimples are a lovely addition to the face of any person of any age. Genetics is the largest factor when it comes to who is born with dimples, but today there is a simple surgical process that can allow anyone to enhance an attractive smile with this feature. First impressions are important, and having a lovely smile is one of the easiest ways to wow anyone you meet. 

What To Expect During A Dimpleplasty

The dimpleplasty procedure is surprisingly easy! It is typically performed right in our office. First, the patient helps to choose the ideal locations on the cheeks to place their dimples. The patient’s cheeks are numbed, and small incisions are made inside the cheek that are then used to suture the desired dimple into place. Patients require different degrees of suturing depending on the strength of their cheek muscles. The sutures help the tissue heal into place, and over time the dimpled area softens and looks more and more natural.

DimpleplastyBefore & Afters

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Recovery After A Dimpleplasty

One of the benefits of this procedure is that recovery is a breeze for most patients. Most go home right after the surgery. Mild swelling will occur and can be soothed with the use of ice packs. Swelling should go down in a week or so. 

Oral hygiene is highly important during the healing process so the incision areas remain free from infection. Our patient care coordators will provide you with detailed after-care instructions and schedule you for follow-up visits to ensure that healing is going well.

Trust The Experts

Our team of surgeons at The Spiegel Center are double board-certified specializing in facial surgery. Dr. Spiegel personally chose a team of surgeons with similar experience and credentials in both facial and body plastic surgery who provide amazing results. To find out how our highly qualified Spiegel Center surgeons can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, contact our office in Newton, Massachusetts today to schedule a consultation.

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