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There are many reasons to remove an unwanted mole. It might look unsightly and cause you to feel self-conscious, especially if the mole is in a prominent location on the face or body. Moles may also be a sign of skin cancer or other serious conditions; moles that change in size and shape are often removed for medical reasons. For some, moles may even cause physical discomfort if they are located in a sensitive spot.

A Safe And Easy Process

There are a few ways to remove moles. To determine the best approach for you, schedule a one-on-one consultation with an experienced member of The Spiegel Center Team. They will assess your needs and advise you on the best options for care. Some popular options for mole removal include:

  • Excision - The mole and a small area of skin around it are removed using a scalpel or blade. Then the area is closed with sutures. Scarring is minimal.
  • Laser removal - uses heat technology to destroy moles. This is often used for small, non-raised moles.
  • Cryotherapy - moles are frozen off with liquid nitrogen.
  • Electrocautery - moles are burned off with an electric current.

Virtually Undetectable Results

Your doctor may place a few dissolving stitches, or recommend stitches that need to come out in a few days. This will depend upon where the mole is, and its size. Sometimes it can seem that we have even done scarless mole removal though there is always some sign the mole was removed. The secret to a “scarless mole removal” is to have the remaining mark look like a natural part of the skin without standing out the way the mole did.

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Experts In Delicate Procedures

Our seasoned, board-certified surgeons have several unique ways to remove moles and other unwanted growths that will leave you with a natural look and no unsightly scar. Dermatologists from around the country send their patients to The Spiegel Center because they know they can expect stellar results. You may be amazed at how rapidly you’ll heal and how quickly you’ll forget you ever had the unsightly mole. Even complicated locations like near the eyes, nose, and lips are readily addressed. To schedule a consultation about mole removal, contact The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, today.

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