Undo The Lines Below Your Mouth

Age lines can appear on your face when you least expect them, an unwelcome sight that surprises you in the mirror one day. Genes play a major role in how the face ages, but so do skincare and behaviors like smoking or excessive sun exposure. Fortunately, dermal fillers are a wonderful way to smoothen out the skin without surgical intervention or a recovery period. 

What Are Marionette Lines?

The skin that surrounds the mouth is more delicate than other areas of the face, and as we age, deep lines start to form from the sides of the mouth down to the chin. These lines look similar to the lines near the mouths of wooden marionette dolls, hence their name. 

Collagen and elastin are two proteins that keep the face looking supple and youthful; with age, however, these vital elements are produced by the body in much lower quantities. Their absence means a loss of the skin’s elasticity and volume. Over time, gravity also pulls the face down, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For This Treatment?

Marionette lines appear for most people in their 40s, though it is not uncommon for patients in their late 30s to start seeing marionette lines develop. Though facelifts are the most complete correction for deep or severe marionette lines, those who are just starting to see these folds appear can turn to injectable solutions. This approach is perfect for patients who do not want to undergo surgery due to time commitment, cost, or recovery involved.

What Is Treatment Like For Marionette Lines?

Dr. Onir Spiegel and the team at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, prefer an individualized approach when it comes to treating Marionette lines. The first step in treatment is a comprehensive consultation, where Dr. Onir or one of her colleagues can assess the degree of restoration needed. 

Some patients require filler to the jawline and the area around the marionette lines, while others could benefit from a neuromodulator like BOTOX to relax the muscles in the area or skin tightening treatments. Still others might need a multistep treatment to achieve desired results. During your consultation, a treatment plan will be devised just for you.

What Results Can I Expect?

Using fillers to rejuvenate the lower face is a low-impact solution with fantastic results. After treatment, the appearance of marionette lines will be greatly reduced, and in some cases, erased entirely. The face will have an overall more youthful look immediately afterward, and results will continue to improve over the next week. The skin around the mouth will be smoother and firmer without looking frozen or puffy. 

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There Is No Substitute For Expertise

The board-certified doctors at The Spiegel Center believe that everyone deserves to put their best face forward. Correcting signs of aging like marionette lines is more than just an aesthetic - studies show that personal and professional first impressions are both heavily influenced by a person’s face, and their perceived temperament and vitality. 

An aged, tired-looking face can transmit messages that can be a hindrance to those wishing to put their best foot forward. The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, is the top choice for discerning patients in the Northeast and around the country. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with our expert doctors today about your marionette lines.

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