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Facial feminization surgery​ is a group of procedures to help a person look more feminine. Some women are born with masculine features that make them feel unattractive, and, as women age they tend to look more masculine in general. There are several considerations in good facial feminization surgery including changing bone shape, creating beautiful light and shadows on the face, and helping you look more youthful.

During facial feminization surgery, masculine markers are reduced in order to feminize and beautify the face. The Spiegel Center team are pioneers in facial feminization surgery and designed or refined many of the key surgical techniques. We think of facial feminization surgery as Gender confirming facial surgery, as the goal of these procedures is to provide you with all of the significant and more subtle facial features to support a feminine appearance and allow your true self to shine through.

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The Consultation Process

In order to maximize results, each patient has a comprehensive evaluation with a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon who creates a customized plan to help each individual achieve their goals. While facial surgery is only one component of a patient’s transition, it is an important one that can alter how a person’s gender is identified.

Procedures commonly performed include forehead contouring, scalp advancement, brow lift, chin and jaw contouring, rhinoplasty, trachea shave (chondrolaryngoplasty), lip lift, cheek augmentation, and facelift among many others.

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The Spiegel Center Is An Industry Leader

Our expert plastic surgeons have performed thousands of successful feminization surgeries for patients from all over the United States and the world. These surgeries include full reconstruction of the forehead, nose, and mandible as well as soft tissue work like dermal fat augmentation, lip lift, facelift, and facial implants. Dr. Spiegel himself designed or refined many of the key procedures used in FFS today.

Non-surgical adjustments can also be made to feminize the face, including BOTOX to the facial muscles of the forehead and mandible (the masseter muscles) and softening the angles of the face with injectable fillers. Fundamentally, the goal of FFS is to feminize the face. However, we believe there is an important relationship between femininity and beauty. As a result, we work to provide you with changes that can provide you with the most attractive feminine face possible.  

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Common Facial Feminization Surgeries (FFS)

Forehead Contouring

Our physicians are likely the most experienced surgeons in the world for this amazing procedure. If you have deep-set eyes, prominent ridges above the brow, or other forehead irregularities, we can completely reshape the forehead and bone around the eyes. You’ll have a smoother, softer forehead with brighter, more open eyes. Adjustment of your hairline and eyebrows is also done at the same time if necessary and desired. The procedure takes only 1-2 hours, typically, and recovery is quick. This is one of the most powerful ways to feminize the face.

Mandible Contouring

The Spiegel Center is one of the world’s sought-after practices for this highly specialized procedure. If your jaw or chin is too large, too wide, too long, asymmetric, or otherwise different from how you wish, speak with us. Patients from around the world travel here to get a smoother, softer, natural, contoured look. We can adjust the muscle and bone to a more tapered, v-line, or feminine look.  And, our doctors pioneered doing this surgery without metal implants needed for a lifetime of confidence and beauty.  It takes about an hour, though swelling can last for 3 weeks or more.

Hair Restoration

Proper hair location and density are key to looking feminine.  We offer several effective and time efficient ways to remove hair from the face and body: laser hair reduction, IPL hair reduction, and electrolysis. We are one of the only centers that make anesthesia available for intense hair reduction.  Using a combination of anesthetic techniques, we can numb the areas for electrolysis or hair removal so large amounts of skin can be nearly completely cleared of hair in just a day or two.  

Of course, if you have hair loss or thin hair, restoring hair is another important aspect of looking feminine.  We use the latest and most sophisticated FUE methods for hair grafting to restore the hairline without unsightly scars. We’ve also pioneered a process that includes hair grafting quickly after other facial feminization surgeries so that your final, most beautiful and feminine appearance appears the quickest.  

Non-Surgical Feminization

Non-surgical facial feminization offers a way to enhance specific features of the face to create a more refined feminine appearance without having to undergo surgery. Facial contours can be created or deemphasized using selective volumization and reduction of facial soft tissues and muscles.  Square jaws can be rounded, flattened cheeks can be enhanced, lips can be made fuller, and hollows around the forehead can be reduced with quick and comfortable filler and medication placements. These are done in the office, take moments, and are long-lasting.  

Voice Feminization Surgery

Looking for the right voice to match your appearance? Our doctors can raise or lower the pitch of your voice by adjusting the shape and tension of the vocal cords. Vocal rest and training after surgery are recommended for the best results.  This 1-hour procedure tunes the vocal cords to a better pitch for a more feminine voice.  Did you know that our doctors conducted the most important study determining the amount of shortening to be done

Trachea Shave

Reduce a large Adam’s apple with this short procedure. The incision is small and heals amazingly well, often without stitches. This is a specialty at The Spiegel Center, and Dr. Spiegel is the author of the most influential medical papers describing how the procedure is done.  Using special video cameras, we watch your vocal cords during the procedure so that we can be certain we remove the maximum amount of extra cartilage while protecting your voice.  Healing is quick, and results can be amazing.

Scalp Advancement

Do you have a high hairline or hairline recession? The Spiegel Center surgeons are some of the world’s busiest surgeons at adjusting the hairline and can advance, round, and reshape your scalp and hair. Often this is all you’ll need for a rounded or more forward hairline, though sometimes a few hair grafts afterward are recommended to perfect the results.  Everyone is different, but we can often advance the hairline an inch or more in this one-hour procedure.  Scalp advancement is often combined with brow lift and forehead contouring for the most effective feminization of the upper part of the face.

Additional Resources

Facial Feminization Surgery Recovery & Support

The Spiegel Center is here to help every step of the way.  We have unparalleled experience and resources to make your experience comfortable and as pleasant as possible.  Each and every person will make sure you have the information you need to be prepared and achieve the best possible outcome.  

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Facial Feminization Surgery Surgery Photos

The photos here feature a handful of our patients before and after surgery. Most photos are taken one day before surgery and within one-year post-op. Our surgeons are able to customize each patient’s surgical plan to help fit their aesthetic goals and their lifestyle, no one surgery is alike. 

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Briana's Facial Feminization Journey

Briana came to Dr. Spiegel to get facial feminization surgery. This included a rhinoplasty, mandible contouring, and a tracheal shave. Listen in to hear about how the process went and how her experience at The Spiegel Center was!

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Meet The Spiegel Center's Transition Specialist

At The Spiegel Center, we believe in more than just the surgery. A patient's transition is a journey, and we wanted to bring on a team member to be a helpful resource, a guide, a shoulder to lean on and much more. In this video, we introduce you to our Transition Specialist, Juliana! Questions about your transition journey? Juliana is here to help!

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The Spiegel Center Is A Leader In Facial Feminization

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, founder of The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, is an internationally known expert in facial appearance and the field of surgical feminization of the face. He has invented and improved techniques that have been adapted by surgeons the world over. Dr. Spiegel and the team of surgeons at The Spiegel Center have won countless accolades for their work, and frequently receive new patients as referrals from physicians and other patients. There is no better place for your facial feminization. Contact The Spiegel Center today to schedule your consultation.

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