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At The Spiegel Center, we support our patients on their journey to express their true gender identities. There are a multitude of surgical techniques our world-class facial plastic surgeons at The Spiegel Center employ to create masculine facial features that look completely natural. 

Transmen and patients who are non-binary or gender expansive can expect the highest level of respect and care from The Spiegel Center team of double board-certified surgeons. The Spiegel Center regularly sees patients for masculinization of the chin and jaw, brow, facial hair, nose, ears, and neck.

Angular, Defined Chin And Jawline

Masculine faces tend to have broad chins and longer, defined jawlines. Using facial implants, The Spiegel Center surgeons can contour the chin and jaw to create a prominent, crisp silhouette for an enhanced, masculine look. Facial implants are typically made of medical-grade silicone and are extremely safe. They look and feel completely natural and do not move once implanted. Insertion of implants can often be done from inside the mouth, with no visible scarring.

Beard And Other Facial Hair Grafts

For some, facial masculinization isn’t complete with facial hair. HRT can cause some facial hair growth, but it is often sparse and thin. Hair follicles from the back of a patient’s head can be transplanted to the face in a delicate and precise surgical procedure. Once healed after a few months, facial hair will grow that looks full and natural.

Lowering The Eyebrows

Masculine faces tend to have a thicker brow line that sits lower on the forehead. This look can be achieved through a variety of modalities, including surgery, dermal fillers, and BOTOX or the use of other neuromodulators. Since each patient’s facial anatomy is unique, complete eyebrow lowering and masculinization may use one or a combination of these techniques.

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Build An Adam’s Apple Or A Forehead Ridge

Often, a masculine forehead has an increased distance between the eyebrows and hairline. There are also protrusions above the orbital bone that are sometimes called a forehead ridge. Often, bone grafts are used to create a forehead ridge. Bone tissue is taken from another part of the patient’s body, often the hip.

Bone grafts are also instrumental in the construction an Adam’s Apple. Once the bone tissue is collected, it is gently inserted into the neck via a small incision. As time passes, the bone graft will fuse with the surrounding bones to create a permanent protrusion. In some cases, a silicone implant can be used in lieu of a bone graft.

Earlobe Lengthening Or Enlargement

Large earlobes are typically considered a masculine feature and are often a part of many facial masculinization processes. Surgery is used to increase the size and length of the earlobe. A small incision is made in each earlobe, and some tissue is removed and repositioned at the base of the earlobe. Another alternative is using a tissue expander, which is non-surgical and works to enlarge the area over time.

Non-Surgical Masculinization

Non-surgical masculinization procedures can strengthen the impact of the features, including the chin, jawline, nose, and forehead, allowing patients to achieve their ideal look without the invasiveness, incisions, and downtime associated with surgery. Dermal fillers and injectables can be used to improve definition in the lower face, creating a more masculine presentation that boosts confidence and elevates the patient's overall quality of life. Treatment takes less than 30 minutes to perform and patients can immediately resume their normal schedules. Our highly skilled team of aesthetic experts understands facial anatomy and how to affirm gender identity while preserving natural attractiveness and facial spontaneity. 

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Sculpting A More Masculine Nose

Rhinoplasty is a key way to create a stronger facial profile. Nasal tissue can be reshaped to look more angular and prominent along the bridge and nostrils. Rhinoplasty can be done surgically, but a non-surgical alternative exists as well. Dermal fillers can be used quite effectively to recontour the nose and are much more affordable than a surgical rhinoplasty. Since results last 6-12 months, non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great way for someone to see what their nose could look like before undergoing surgery.

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Count On Us To Support Your True Identity

At The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, we believe that everyone deserves to be their true selves. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative solutions and extraordinary care, always reminding ourselves that it is a privilege to help someone become the person they want to be. 

The Spiegel Center founder, Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, is renowned internationally for his skill in gender-affirming surgery, and he has hand selected each of The Spiegel Center’s team of double board-certified surgeons for their similar mastery. Today, The Spiegel Center is the top choice for those in transition. To schedule a consultation with our understanding and supportive team, contact our office today.

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