Moms Don’t Have To Sacrifice Looks

New moms are simply too busy taking care of their babies to notice the effects that childbirth has had on their appearance. Over time, more and more Moms are realizing just how much of a toll pregnancy and labor have had on their bodies. As a result, many are opting for a Mommy Makeover.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover usually consists of a few different procedures like liposuction, a tummy tuck, a breast lift, or breast augmentation. New moms can elect to have one or even all of these procedures performed at once. In many cases, excess skin is also removed while the makeover procedures are being performed. For those who do not wish to undergo surgery, there are also non-surgical options offered.

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A Surgical Mommy Makeover

Reduce or Erase Stretch Marks

One of the most common complaints from new moms is unsightly stretch marks, usually across the abdominal area and thighs. Although reducing the appearance of your stretch marks can be done by removing excess skin, laser treatment is also a popular and effective option. Most cosmetic surgeons will be more than happy to include this as part of a mommy makeover package for you.

Rejuvenate Your Breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often cause a mom’s breasts to sag or become misshapen; fortunately, these issues are easily remedied by breast enhancement surgery. Surgery can include either reshaping your breasts or inserting implants just under them to improve lift and shape. Breast surgery is not recommended for new moms who have chosen to breastfeed their babies, as this will have a negative impact on the overall quality and safety level of their breast milk.

Eliminate Flabby Skin

After giving birth, many mothers find that they are left with excessive amounts of loose skin around the abdomen, hips, and waist areas. If this is the case for you, a plastic surgeon can remove this skin relatively quickly with a tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty. Although incisions are required to perform this procedure, they are placed in locations where they are well hidden. If the incisions are noticeable in any way, they can also be treated with laser technology.

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What Are Possible Side Effects?

As with any form of cosmetic surgery, there is always the possibility that side effects may occur after having a Mommy Makeover performed. However, selecting a reputable, experienced, and licensed plastic surgeon like the expert physicians at The Spiegel Center will go a long way in helping you to prevent potential issues. Moms should be sure to follow their surgeon’s advice closely with regard to getting enough rest and taking care of yourself after surgery.

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Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover

We understand that some moms are looking for a quick solution and do not want surgery. At The Spiegel Center, we offer non-surgical Mommy Makeover options. These include quick recovery techniques such as BOTOX injections, dermal fillers, fat freezing, IPL, laser treatments, microneedling, or Morpheus8 treatments. We also offer a Rapid Restore package which only takes one hour, and consists of a combination of several of the above procedures.


For the best BOTOX in Boston, The Spiegel Center is the clear choice! BOTOX can provide you with a natural, smooth look that lasts three months or longer. There are several newer alternative options, including Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau®. These products act like BOTOX and temporarily weaken your facial muscles to reduce sagging skin and the appearance of mild to moderate lines and wrinkles on the face. Treatment areas often include the forehead, neck, nose, chin, and eye area, among others.

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Dermal Filler / Facial Filler

Dermal fillers enhance your features and restore your youthful beauty. Facial fillers replace volume loss in the temples, under the eyes, and in cheeks and nasolabial folds, and can add fullness to the lips. Did you know that facial fillers correct nose deformities, fill in marionette lines, accentuate the chin, fill in deep lines, and improve acne scars? Even better, many of today’s fillers can last a year or more, depending on the area injected. 

For the best and longest-lasting results, many patients elect to have a “touch-up” treatment 6-8 months following their initial treatment to maintain their beautiful results with full correction even longer. We carry all US FDA-approved fillers, including Juvederm®, Revance® RHA, Restylane®, and Versa®, which are hyaluronic acid fillers. We also offer Radiesse®, a calcium-based filler, and Sculptra®, a biostimulating filler

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Fat Freezing

With Fat Freezing, your stubborn belly fat, bat wings, bra fat, double chins, love handles, chunky thighs, and other problem spots can be frozen away. Your results are noticeable and long-lasting, and often evident within just two weeks. Our advanced machine helps get more done as we can treat multiple areas simultaneously. Imagine, reducing your stomach and thighs at the same time.

At The Spiegel Center, we offer fat freezing using an advanced and effective fat-reduction system. In under an hour, our state-of-the-art technology uses controlled gentle heating and then rapid cooling of the area to safely target and eliminate fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise. 


Are you wondering how to get rid of your dark spots, age spots, and blotchy skin? Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment can correct these issues as well as reduce other signs of aging and stimulate collagen production. IPL treatments are gentle, quick, and effective. IPL can also help fade your unwanted freckles, clear redness, improve rosacea, and minimize the appearance of large pores. 

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is the perfect alternative to shaving, bleaching, and waxing. This procedure uses carefully tuned lasers to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body, including your face, arms, legs, back, underarms, and bikini area. The treatment provides permanent reduction of unwanted hair. To get you the smoothest results, we also have permanent hair removal with electrolysis, ideal for light or stubborn hairs that persist after laser treatment.


This quick procedure leaves your skin young-looking and smooth by stimulating your skin’s rejuvenation process. Microneedling involves tiny punctures that tell your body to begin the healing process, creating new collagen and new refreshed skin cells. Microneedling is a great option if you have dull skin, acne scars, large pores, stretch marks, or other skin irregularities. 


This skin treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen, thereby restoring your youthful skin. Morphues8 treatments also improve your skin tone and texture and tighten the skin. The RF energy heats your skin while micro pins target the deeper dermal layers, encouraging your skin to jump-start its own natural anti-aging process.

This quick procedure has nearly no downtime and can be used on many areas of the body; commonly treated areas include the face and neck, but it’s just as effective on the chest, knees, elbows, stomach, thighs, scars, and stretch marks. 

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