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The sun, gravity, and genetics can be unkind to the face over time, and you may feel young and vibrant but appear aged and tired. Though you may want to look as young as you feel, surgery may not be an appealing option. Fortunately, dermal fillers, when administered by the Master Doctor Injectors at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, can turn back time and recreate a younger version of yourself that looks elegant and natural. 

What Happens To The Midface With Age?

Inevitably, our faces change as the years pass. Collagen and elastin, two proteins that are vital for a youthful and supple face, are produced naturally by the body less and less over time. This loss of elasticity is compounded by a reduced amount of fat in the cheeks and under the eyes, which can cause shadows and hollows to appear. Over time, muscle tone and facial ligaments also weaken, which makes the face look flabby or loose.

Lift, Plump, Contour, Define

Understated enhancement is a trademark of Dr. Onir and the other experienced doctor injectors at The Spiegel Center. Patients who seek the beautiful, contoured cheeks of cover models or those who simply want to age gracefully and add a bit more fullness to their faces can both benefit from cheek filler. 

Cheek fillers are ideal for many because there is no downtime needed, and fillers are accessible to patients on a variety of budgets. Also, results are not permanent; this means that if a patient is not completely happy with their result, they can rest assured that tweaking and recontouring to get their ideal look is easy. 

How Does The Process Work?

Dr. Onir and the whole team of the non-surgical aesthetic side of The Spiegel Center utilize only the best fillers on the market, all of which are FDA-approved and incredibly safe to use. In simple terms, The Spiegel Center expert injectors will identify which filler is right for a patient’s aesthetic needs, and then conservatively inject the filler into the target area. 

Precision and deep knowledge of the anatomy of the mid-face are vital to this process, as the filler needs to be injected in precisely the right spot and then delicately contoured to achieve results that appear natural and complementary to the patient’s existing facial structure. Patient safety and comfort are key, and a topical anesthetic can be applied prior to injection upon request. 

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What Will The Results Look Like?

The cheeks and mid-face are the most vital areas for rejuvenation in most people’s faces. Enhancing the volume, lift, and contour of the cheeks is an almost guaranteed way to reduce the appearance of facial folds and give an aging face balance and symmetry.

The coveted ‘S’ curve, or the convex curve of the cheek, will be markedly enhanced while still blending in naturally with the rest of the face. Using cheek fillers can also help reduce the appearance of under-eye bags in some patients. 

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There Is No Substitute For Expertise

Dr. Onir Spiegel leads a top-tier team at The Spiegel Center who bring decades of experience and a sharp aesthetic eye to each facial rejuvenation they undertake. With them, results always look seamless and natural. 

The Spiegel Center team regularly treats patients from all over the world, a testament to the high level of patient care that each person receives at The Spiegel Center. Don’t wait any longer, call our offices today to schedule your consultation.

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