An Individualized Approach To Your Ideal Face

At The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, it’s not uncommon for patients with Asian heritage to request cosmetic solutions to the size and shape of the chin. We have two major ways of addressing this, one surgical and the other non-surgical. Each patient’s anatomy is unique, and the best approach to a chin augmentation is determined only after careful consultation. 

Create Contour With Chin Implants or Genioplasty

LIfelong Changes

The most permanent way of enhancing the projection or shape of the chin is through the use of facial implants. Chin implants are made from medical-grade silicone or Gore-Tex ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene), and have been proven safe to use with years of experience in thousands of people. They can be customized, they are undetectable, and they feel completely natural to the touch.

Lack Of Chin Projection?

If your chin completely lacks projection or doesn’t project as much as you’d like, a chin implant can bring the chin forward and balance the nose. The result is a symmetrical and attractive profile. Chin implants require only tiny incisions and can be inserted with local anesthesia in the office. 

What Is Genioplasty?

Genioplasty involves cutting and moving the chin bone forward, up, in, or down.  This procedure, sometimes called a “sliding genioplasty” or “T genioplasty” is done in the operating room.  Our doctors can help you decide which procedure is right for you.

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What Happens During Chin Implant Surgery?

The first step is making the patient as comfortable as possible. Local anesthesia with sedation is the typical method patients prefer. Next, a small incision is made inside the mouth. Muscle and soft tissue are carefully elevated from the bone, and the implant is gently inserted into the space created. 

The implant is secured with stitches or micro-screws, and in some cases, can be effectively tethered in place by the surrounding muscles. Finally, the incision is closed, typically with dissolvable sutures.

What Is The Recovery Period Like?

Compared to other facial surgeries, recovery from a chin augmentation is relatively mild. Patients typically experience only mild discomfort in the first week, but we will prescribe painkillers to help. Bruising and swelling are normal and will diminish in a few days. Vigorous exercise or other intense activity should be avoided until your doctor gives you approval, but it’s typically quite quick.

Patients will receive a customized recovery plan and be scheduled for follow-up visits to ensure that everything is healing well. After just a day or two, you can resume light desk work and socializing. While recovery time for each patient varies based on their needs and their lifestyle, chin implants tend to be well tolerated with a faster recovery than expected.

A Harmonious Face With A Well-defined Profile

Patients express deep gratitude after chin augmentations, with many wishing they’d pursued the procedure sooner. Chin augmentations balance the face and enhance the other facial features, as well as subtly tighten the skin for a younger appearance. Patients can expect a slimmer, contoured look that is totally seamless and natural. Facial implants are permanent, eliminating the need for routine fillers.  And, you see the results immediately.

Fillers: A Temporary But Effective Alternative

For those who don’t wish to undergo surgery, carefully placed facial fillers can create an ideal chin contour. Dr. Onir is our expert in non-surgical cosmetic procedures at The Spiegel Center and has earned a stellar reputation as one of the best injectors in the country. She devised many of the techniques used at The Spiegel Center herself, and she routinely teaches other doctors how to employ them.

Chin fillers can establish or strengthen the jawline, add definition between the face and neck, and increase the projection of the chin. Dermal fillers are soft, gel-like substances that last anywhere from 6 months to one year. The benefit of fillers is that they dissolve over time, allowing a patient to decide whether a permanent chin augmentation is right for them. 

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World-Class Service With Renowned Specialists

At The Spiegel Center, our highly capable team pride themselves on being friendly, welcoming, and professional. What’s more, they are well-versed in the specific needs that Asian patients have and knowledgeable about the anatomical differences that are particular to Asian facial structures. 

The Spiegel Center values a patient-centric approach, which means that the safety and comfort of each patient are always the top priorities. In addition, The Spiegel Center is one of the 5 best clinics for plastic surgery in the country, and in the top 15 of the entire world. Our doctors enjoy an international reputation for their remarkable advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery. Contact The Spiegel Center to schedule your consultation today!

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