We Understand The Hair Needs Of Asian Patients

Are you losing your hair and looking for a solution stronger than topical hair loss treatments? We can help. If you are of Asian descent, there are custom approaches to hair restoration that ensure natural-looking, permanent results. Asian hair transplants are an area of expertise at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, and our surgeons have a consistent track record of stellar outcomes.

A Distinct Approach For Asian Hair Restoration

For those with Asian backgrounds, the hairline is often slightly wider and rounder than it is for non-Asian patients. For Asian hair transplantation, our expert surgeons understand that thick, straight, black hair against a paler skin background must be placed at very low angles to appear natural. 

Our physicians also know that hair loss patterns differ for Asian patients than they do for non-Asian patients, who typically experience a receding hairline when going bald. Many Asian patients experience a diffuse hair loss pattern. A diffuse hair loss pattern is a gradual type of hair loss that occurs evenly all over the scalp rather than by area. Our team is equipped to treat this type of hair loss effectively.

Surgical Restoration

Many patients may hesitate when they hear about hair implants because until the last decade or so, hair implants yielded poor results and obvious scarring, and were a painful experience for the patient. Thankfully, advances in science and technology have revolutionized hair transplantation. Results today are natural, scars are minimized and hidden, or non-existent, and patients do not experience significant discomfort.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

At The Spiegel Center, our surgeons utilize precise instruments (like robotic SmartGraft and Neograft machines) that allow them to remove individual hairs from the back of a patient’s head and relocate them one by one exactly where the patient needs them. This is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). 

Imagine carefully removing a single blade of grass from a backyard and replanting it in the front yard. This method requires meticulous attention to detail and a steady hand, but our surgeons believe the results are worth the effort.

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What Is The Recovery Process Like?

Recovery from FUE is typically smooth for most. We are careful where we take the hair from to ensure that the hair looks thick and natural afterwards, with improved coverage where you want it. Swelling, redness, and mild soreness are completely normal and should subside within a few days. 

Prescription medication is prescribed to ease any discomfort. Hyperpigmentation, in which skin darkens in the treatment area, is another potential risk that affects Asian patients slightly more than others. For this reason, it is very important that patients avoid sun exposure and be religious about wearing strong protective covering and high SPF sunscreen as they heal.

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Excellent Results And Uncompromising Care

At The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, each plastic surgeon has been hand-selected from the best in the nation by practice founder Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel. Our doctors enjoy international reputations for excellence in complex surgeries, and for pioneering advancements in facial feminization. To find out how The Spiegel Center can help you fight hair loss, contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

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