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When we see a newborn and are cooing over the beautiful new baby, it is not uncommon to pinch and comment on the cute chubby cheeks. But, as we age, full or chubby cheeks are less likely to be seen as attractive. While high cheekbones are extolled as a virtue for runway models, fat or chubby cheeks are not. If you have chubby cheeks, one solution is removing the buccal fat.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

We all have fat pads in our cheeks. For some people, these fat pads can be more prominent and give the cheeks a noticeably “chubby” or “chimpmunk” appearance. In order to reduce the appearance of chubby cheeks, the buccal fat pads are removed. This procedure is known as buccal fat pad removal, cheek fat removal, bichectomy, or buccal lipectomy. Buccal fat pad removal helps to bring balance to the facial proportions and gives the cheeks and face a more defined overall appearance.

How Is Buccal Fat Removal Performed?

A buccal fat removal procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia right in our office. Access to the buccal fat pads is achieved through small incisions (about the width of your pinky fingernail) in the mouth near the second molar. This means that there will be no visible post-surgical scars on the outside of your face and your results will look as natural as possible. Your Spiegel Center surgeon then gently teases the buccal pad into the mouth where it can be safely and completely removed.

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What Should I Expect?

You may have some swelling, numbness, and mild discomfort but these issues will subside typically after two to three days. Once the swelling goes down you will see a more refined appearance of your cheeks and facial contours. You should avoid heavy exercise or exertion for several days afterwards. For most patients, acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol®), is more than adequate to control any mild discomfort.

How Much Will My Buccal Fat Removal Cost?

During your consultation, one of the wonderful patient coordinators at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, will go over the expected cost of your buccal fat removal and address any questions you may have about the scheduling. Financing options are available to help make the payment process easier.

Arranging A Consultation

The most crucial step in preparing for buccal fat removal surgery is deciding on the right doctor. Our board-certified surgeons are internationally recognized and awarded facial plastic surgeons who will be happy to help you on your journey to the face of your dreams. To schedule a consultation with our team about Buccal Fat Removal and its benefits, contact The Spiegel Center today.

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Buccal fat Reduction Before & After

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