The Perfect Pout Can Be Yours

Do you have thin or asymmetrical lips that make you feel self-conscious or unattractive? There is a solution. When performed by the seasoned, board-certified doctors at The Spiegel Center,, lip filler injections can provide beautiful and natural-looking results. Our team is dedicated to offering the best lip fillers New England has to offer.

Options For Lip Augmentation

Options are great, and this is certainly true for lip augmentation with lip fillers. For the lips, we use injectable fillers made of hyaluronic acid, a material found naturally in the body. The fillers are placed with precision to gently accentuate the body of the lip, vermilion border, cupid’s bow, philtrum (the area between the upper lip and the nose), philtrum ridges, and oral commissures. 

Belotera®, Juvederm®, Revance RHA®, Restylane®, and Prollenium Versa®  are perfect for filling the lips. They are also quite versatile and are often used for contouring other areas of the face, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, chin, tear troughs, and many other areas.

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How Long Will Lip Filler Results Last?

Fillers typically last anywhere between 8-12 months (without a touch-up treatment). Many patients elect to have a touch-up treatment about 6-8 months following their initial treatment and see their full correction last for well over a year, especially in the upper lip!

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What To Expect From Your Lip Augmentation

Your lip filler treatment is not something painful or to be feared when performed by the experts at The Spiegel Center. Our doctors apply Lidocaine to ease the process, just like at the dentist. The entire process takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You should see noticeable improvements right away, and your results will continue to materialize as the filler settles into place and the swelling reduces.

What To Expect After Your Lip Filler Treatment

As with all fillers, swelling and/or bruising are the most common side effects and can last for several days following treatment. Dr. Onir Spiegel has crafted the perfect regimen to minimize these side effects, which you will receive a few days before your appointment and right after. You may want to rest a bit following your treatment as well as ice the area, but most patients are able to resume normal activities right away. So, why wait any longer? Book your appointment today.

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The Cost Of Your Lip Filler Injections

The cost of your lip filler treatment at The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts, will vary based on the type of filler used and other factors like the amount of product needed to provide you with the desired results. During your consultation, our team will let you know what the expected cost of your lip filler injections will be and can go over the payment and financing options available to you.

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The Expertise Of The Spiegel Center’s Team

With any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you choose a skilled, experienced, and properly trained professional to perform it. Our doctors have decades of experience in the field of facial aesthetics and specialize in lip filler treatments. They are dedicated to using their expertise in facial aesthetics to provide you with amazing results. Make an appointment at our Newton, Massachusetts office to learn more about your lip filler options today. 

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