Here is what people want to know–What does maintenance look like after you’ve had fillers and Botox?  For fillers, it’s about every four to six months needing just a little touch up. Once you’re happy with your results, to maintain them every six months, you need about half of what we started out with, since these fillers last about a year. In certain areas like under the eyes and in the upper lip fillers last way longer than a year and touch up is very minimal. Some other areas like the temples, cheeks and lower lip may require a bit more touch up.

For botulinum like the like Botox ®, Dysport®, Jeuveau® and Xeomin®, it starts about three to four months in the beginning to really relax those muscles and shrink them down. After that, you can go four to five months – it’s really up to you at which point you are happy with your results. There’s a little bit of maintenance, but it’s really not much.

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