You know what’s awesome? Smooth, supple skin. You know what gets you smooth, supple skin. Microneedling. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.As we age we lose collagen and fat in our face and body. This volume loss is what we typically notice when we are feeling “old” since this loss of volume is what causes our skin to shift and cause…you guessed it, wrinkles. Think of a balloon slowly deflating and you’ll get the picture. We can remedy this problem a number of ways. We commonly use facial fillers like Voluma and Juvederm to augment the face and replace the lost collagen and fat in the areas where it once belonged. That is why this option is so natural looking…it’s simply replacing what was already there!

However, for many, fillers won’t solve all our skin problems. Microneedling is ideal for anyone who has some dullness, scarring from acne, or “flat” looking skin.

How does it work? Well, what happens when your body gets injured? You heal, right? That’s basically the science behind microneedling. We create tiny little injuries on the face so your body knows to heal itself….creating new collagen. Viola!

The procedure itself only lasts a few minutes – about 30 minutes total and leaves your skin renewed and glowing. We use a microneedling tool with 12 tiny needles that moves quickly over the skin creating mini-injuries that your body begins to heal and create new collagen. The product is absolutely glowing skin. Honestly, I can tell what patients are doing it because I can spot their glowing skin when they walk through the door!

Three to five treatments are ideal to obtain ideal results and surprisingly, the procedure doesn’t really hurt. Most people give is a 5 out of 10 in terms of pain describing it like a little more intense than microdermabrasion. The cost is usually around $400 for the face – depending on the size of the area being worked on….well worth the investment for brighter, more beautiful skin!

Check out our lastest video of Lauren, our office manager, getting the procedure for herself!