Believe it or not you can now create new dimples on your face through a quick and easy procedure, Dimples plastic surgery is a very easy and quick way to achieve those cute little dimples you have always wanted your whole life.  Dimples through plastic surgery are created very easily through a small incision on the inside of each cheek where a small amount of tissue is removed and sutured. The entire procedure takes about 15-30 minutes and can be done under local anesthetic. Typically the mouth is an area that tends to heal very quickly and many patients have claimed that things where back to normal in just over a week.

All genders have been taking advantage of this new trendy surgical procedure. Men have been getting the chin dimple like many Hollywood stars have and women have been mostly opting for the cheek dimples giving them that cute look they are looking for. In the photo above is a dimple cosmetic procedure that we performed. In this procedure before and after photo this is 5 minutes after the dimple surgery where the patient is already smiling with very little strain on the skin. A new buzz term has surfaced in the industry and many are referring to this procedure is a dimpleplasty which makes sense in the cosmetic surgery world.