Gravity is a powerful force. What goes up, must come down, right? Well, even things that started up must come down and that includes your face, breasts, arm skin, jowls, and upper lip.

Everyone speaks about fullness in the lips, and I have too (in another blog). But, for a very sophisticated analysis of upper lip beauty we have to think about its length. So, how do you know if your lip is too long?

The answer is in the teeth. A youthful mouth has visible upper teeth when your mouth is open and at rest. Try it out. Look in the mirror and open your mouth about half an inch. Now relax your face as if you were sleeping.

Can you see any of your upper teeth when looking straight on into the mirror?

Give yourself an A for 6 teeth, B for 4 teeth, and C for 2 teeth. Of course, these scores have to be graded on a curve. Two teeth is not bad when you are in your 50s or above, but not great in your 20s or 30s.

If you think you could do better on this exam, and to get a more attractive mouth, consider a lip lift. A thin line of stitches is hidden in the grove between your upper lip and nose. This permits the lip to elevate and roll out a bit giving you a brighter, more attractive, more youthful mouth.

Lip lifts are magical in that they have a short recovery, can be done right in the office, have multiple positive results, and few of your friends will ever know you did anything. They’ll just know you look great.

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