There is an unseemly and unpleasant expression that some people use to describe themselves. It’s initials are “RBF” and it stands for Resting B*tch Face. This is an unkind statement, but the underlying sentiment is understandable. Some people feel happy, pleasant, and upbeat but understand that their faces present an angry, disgruntled expression even when unintended.

One of the most important things about good plastic surgery, is that it helps your inside and your outside match. If you feel happy, youthful, and energetic your face should happy, youthful, and energetic.

Sometimes the cause of the perpetual frown is downturning of the sides of the mouth. If this is the case, the answer is a corner lip lift.

A corner lip lift is sometimes called a banner lip lift, a sweetheart lip lift, or a lateral lip lift.

In this procedure, a very fine row of stitches is placed on the “white roll”, which is the junction between the red and white at the side of the lips. These stitches lift and redirect the sides and corner of the mouth to provide more fullness, redness, and youthfulness. Plus, the downturning corners of the mouth can be redirected to a more neutral, or even slightly upturned, position for a happier more balanced appearance to the lips and face.

A corner lift can be done at the same time as a subnasal lip lift (modified bullhorn lip lift) if you have limited tooth show or if your lip is too long throughout.

You can expect a few days recovery with a fine line of dissolving stitches. Then, after about a week, you can cover the area with lipstick so the fine healing line is difficult to see as it continues to improve.

A corner lip lift is a great way to eliminate RBF, and project your true happy personality to the world.

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