Plastic surgery can be a life changing experience. When done for the right reasons, it can dramatically improve one’s life. Five amazing feelings felt post plastic surgery are:

An Increased Self Esteem

An increase in self esteem has been reported by patients who’ve undergone breast augmentation, nose rhinoplasty, mole removal, ear lobe repair, and many other surgeries. People who have some form of defect removed or altered have reported an especially high increase in self esteem. These patients report that they “feel more comfortable in their own skin” and “have a more positive view of themselves”. A birth defect, scar, or cosmetic injury can tremendously damage a person’s self esteem. Once the problem is removed, the patient usually sees themselves in a different manner and their self esteem increases.

Positive Feelings About Sexuality

Women who’ve undergone breast augmentation report an increasing amount of positive feelings towards their sexuality. Often times, women with flat chests are made fun of and made to feel that they aren’t as sexually attractive as women with large, full breasts. After breast augmentation, these women feel much more attractive and are more in tune with their sexuality. Larger, fuller breasts make them feel more feminine. The same type of effect is now being seen with butt lift surgeries. This procedure is relatively new, but the emotional effects are the same. Large, round buttocks make women feel more attractive and sexual than small, flat ones.


Patients who better the way they look are met with newly found admiration for themselves and others. They begin to get compliments from others and see themselves in a new light. They no longer focus on their negative attributes. They’re no longer jealous of others and tend to become less judgmental.

Increased Self Awareness and Appreciation for Life

A physical defect or unwanted physical trait can cause a person to focus solely on that part of their life. Anxiety and depression can be quite common. After getting rid of the physical deformity or attribute, the person is able to focus on other areas of their life. Work performance and relationships are positively affected due to an increased self awareness. Patients also report having a greater appreciation for and better understanding of the “big picture”. They’re able to step out of their own thinking and see the world with open mind.

It should be noted that these amazing feelings are seen when plastic surgery is done the right way and for the right reasons. Plastic surgery done for the wrong reasons can produce the opposite effects and often times make ill feelings much worse. Make note that plastic surgery is never a cure all for conditions like depression, low self esteem, or other psychological problems. It can be part of the solution, but never the whole. Should you want to make changes to your body, it’s important that consult a physician and arrange a consultation so you can work together to determine if plastic surgery is right for you.

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