I have been doing buccal fat removal for 20 + years now and Chrissy Teigen has talked about getting this procedure done pretty openly. After taking a good look at her before and after pictures, I question if this was the right choice for her based on her face structure.

She was probably concerned about having overly full cheeks, which she does. Overly full cheeks can be a beautiful trait on many faces, but it is up to a specific individual whether they like that look for themselves. When you suck in your face, that is the area where the buccal fat is. If you take a look at Chrissy, you will see that she has very full cheeks above that area. I’m not sure if she has gotten filler there or if that is genetic, but when she took out the buccal fat, it created an imbalanced facial structure. Removing the fat made the top of her face look fuller overall. This could have been part of the goal that she would have discussed with a surgeon, and perhaps she wanted her cheeks to look fuller overall – we still think she looks beautiful!

There are ways to reduce the upper part of your cheeks, however, buccal fat removal is not the answer to this. You can use Radiofrequency like FaceTite, Embrace or even Morpheus8 (Microneedling with Radiofrequency) to shrink the tissue or you could even have the bone reduced. Overall, buccal fat removal may not have been the best way for her to get a slimmer face overall, but it is often the best choice for other people.

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