Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is proof that a fresh, sweet face goes a long way towards success. But would it be worth switching your own face for his? And would it be worth £60,000 to do it? That is the amount that Toby Sheldon, age 33, spent on plastic surgery to make his face resemble his teen idol’s visage. Would you do it?

Youthful Appearance

When considering plastic surgery for the look of a favorite celebrity, many people might believe that a constant youthful appearance is beneficial. In many cases, from dating to making new friends, it is often helpful to have a younger look. Obtaining a youthful appearance may not be the most conducive activity for landing a job, however. It is also potentially awkward for children whose parents undergo such operations, particularly if they are to create a countenance similar to a beloved teen celebrity. Candidates for plastic surgery should be sure that they wish to appear younger when they make this decision.


Deciding to look like a favorite celebrity is a forever decision. It takes a strong commitment, and a person should consider the repercussions of such a choice. Dealing with people who are the celebrity’s fans, for example, might be pleasant in some circumstances and unpleasant in others. A popular figure may also be in the limelight for his or her good looks and fun personality one week and shunned for terrible behavior or a scandalous secret revealed another week. All of these are important considerations to mull over before committing to this appearance for a lifetime of look-alike fame.


As with any type of plastic surgery, there is recovery time, pain, and sometimes even harmful complications to think about before going under the knife. If this procedure is truly worth it for the candidate, the risks may also be worth it. When the decision is made lightly, however, it may come with a hefty pain and suffering price tag—especially when multiple procedures are required to get the look a person wants. People should remember that instead of a simple one or two-part procedure, a celebrity look-alike modification is likely to take many more operations and possibly months of healing time.


The monetary costs are another important point to consider when you want to look like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Are you prepared to spend $30,000 on your smile alone—the price of an education, or a couple of new cars—like Toby Sheldon did? If you have the money and you are willing to part with it, you might be ready for this transformation. When you are wary about spending this much or if this amount would leave you financially bereft, you might want to think about the procedure a little while longer.

A celebrity look-alike transformation is not for everyone, but it can result in more confidence and an improved lifestyle overall, depending on your individual goals. When you have the desire and money for the operation, nothing else should stand in your way. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your options.

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