According to an article published by, it would seem as though Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner are in a constant competition of trying to see who can look the best; however, a source has revealed exclusively to the site that Blac is quite “insecure about her looks.” Just recently, she has visited a plastic surgeon to discuss the option of changing her face – with the inspiration to do so coming from none other than Kylie Jenner.

Issues with her Forehead

It would seem like Blac has a bit of an issue with the fact that her forehead is shaped somewhat differently to that of Kylie’s. The source went on to state, “People say Kylie wants to look like Blac Chyna but recently it’s been the other way around. Blac has started feeling very insecure about her looks and has been thinking about making a change. She actually went to plastic surgeon to get a consultation on a procedure that would make her look more like Kylie. Her main issue is with her forehead. She’s interested in getting some sort of forehead reduction to look more like Kylie. She never used to show her forehead and now she does.”

Signature Bangs with a Few Changes

Although Blac usually wears her signature bangs hanging down with pride, she has recently been seen flaunting an all-new look that sees her hair being pulled straight back, which ends up revealing a lot more of her forehead area. Both Blac and Kylie like showing off their well-toned bodies; however, if the celebrity plastic surgery procedure takes place, the two women could end up looking almost like identical twins. This goes to show that the ongoing feud between the two doesn’t look set to die down any time soon either. “She’s very competitive with Kylie and is definitely jealous,” the source went on to add.

Not Sure about Kylie’s Response

At this stage though, it is pretty uncertain how Kylie Jenner will react when she finds out about the fact that Blac is considering having celebrity plastic surgery performed so that she can look exactly the same as her in almost every aspect. However, it has been suggested that it could encourage her to throw even more shade at Blac – but this has apparently been her initial plan all along. Another insider source told the following in this regard, “Kylie feels like she needs to be strong, if she doesn’t stick up for herself then Blac will think she’s winning. People don’t realize how awful Blac is. Kylie is just reacting. But when she calms down, she ends up feeling really upset about the situation and wishes she didn’t lower herself.”

If Blac decides to have the celebrity plastic surgery carried out to alter the appearance of her forehead, only time will tell how Kylie Jenner is going to respond – she may even end up feeling flattered by the fact that someone wants to look exactly like her.

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