I have been asked by many to talk about Kris Jenner and her facial plastic surgery, which she is most certainly not shy about. Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean you have good judgment. By the looks of it, she had a rhinoplasty  (possibly several) done a long time ago and to me, this is what we need to address.

Kris Jenner’s rhinoplasty has not aged well. If you look at the nose, you’re going to see that the nasal bones are extremely flattened. Then you get to the nasal cartridges that make up the side walls, and they are twisted and shrunk. Then you get to the tip. It has little if any support and it has collapsed down. Her profile view looks like there is a little seat there. We call that a satellite. The cartilage at the bottom of the nose is squeezed and twisted. These are all tell-tale signs of a not well-performed and not well-lasting Rhinoplasty. Many ask, “why doesn’t she get it fixed?” That’s the million-dollar question. Revision Rhinoplasty procedures can be extremely intricate and difficult to perform. This is why they are one of my favorite things to do in the operating room! Kris Jenner, come on over to Boston and we will get the nose looking better than ever at The Spiegel Center!

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