Plastic surgery is nothing new in today’s society; every so often someone will walk past a person who looks simply unreal in some aspect or the other and think to themselves how that person must have been surgically modified. Of course, not all plastic surgery is cosmetic, and the field has been making strong strides in healing (such as burn and hand surgery). However it’s all cosmetic for Jordan James Parke, who spent around $150,000 to mimic the look of Kim Kardashian.

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Kim Kardashian’s Influence

Jordan Parke first encounter with Kim Kardashian occurred when he watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a reality television show that focuses on the professional and personal lives of the Kardashian family. Kim Kardashian is one of the three sisters that make up the primary focus of the show. Her professional life is largely focused on the fashion industry, however she also works as an actress and businesswoman, and her personal life has involved two marriages, one of which ended in divorce. She is considered to be one of the highest-paid personalities for reality television, and is, along with her sisters, a highly influential force in the fashion industry.

Parke’s Transformation

Parke’s desire to attribute a “shock factor” to his appearance, as well as his idolization of Kim Kardashian has led him to spend $150,000 on various cosmetic surgeries to model his appearance after the star. Parke himself is also involved in the fashion industry, being a professional makeup artist that can relate to Kim through his love of expensive handbags, furs, and makeup. His surgeries involved laser hair removal, boldly emphasized eyebrow tattoos, large amounts of Botox, and, perhaps the most striking of all, lip fillers that dramatically altered the size and shape of his mouth. He has also made a point of purchasing similar goods to the star and participating in similar fashion-based activities as her.

Public Reaction

Parke’s transformation has attracted a great deal of attention from the general public, both in the media’s interest in the amount of money he spent, and in his everyday life, where is exaggerated appearance is easily noticeable. The strong public opinion on several online news stories is that Parke requires professional help, and that the surgeons involved should not have let him make the change. Parke, however, is pleased with the result, and welcomes the shock and hate, saying that it’s simply another form of attention, which he welcomes. His response is that he isn’t offended at all, because he wasn’t going for a natural look to begin with; he seems to enjoy both his new look at the resulting attention.

The result of the incredible influence of a celebrity and the power of plastic surgery speaks strongly to the potential individuals today have to do nearly anything to their appearance. For good or for ill, the potential grasped by people like Parke is undeniable. More about this story can be found at US Magazine, at

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