Cardi B is one of the biggest female artists in the industry today. She has been very open about the plastic surgery procedures that she has had done, especially when discussing her post-baby recovery. We love when celebrities are open about their plastic surgery because it helps to destigmatize it in the world of aesthetics overall. Cardi B is naturally beautiful, and we think that some of the procedures she has done enhanced that natural beauty. What do we think she’s done? 

Looking at many photos of Cardi B, I suspect that she may have previously had silicone lip injections which is something that I do NOT recommend. Silicone is an element that is very safe for the body when it is used correctly. It has to be sterile, packaged, and done the right way. Silicone breast implants for example can be very safe if done the right way or they can cause problems. Liquid silicone injected into the face is not so good. It causes inflammation and irritation. It can cause a very distinct pattern with irregularity and it looks like that may be what Cardi B had put into her lips. If you want to get injections in your lips, hyaluronic acid is the best filler to do so. It’s possible Cardi B had this treated with steroids to help reverse the damage, or she may have even had some of it removed.

If you take a look at her nose, it is a little more slender. There is a lot of speculation that she has had a rhinoplasty done. While some may say that it is makeup, it is likely she had a nose job. If this is something you are interested in, Dr. Spiegel can make your nose slimmer and more balanced with your face just like Cardi B.  

Cardi B’s eyes have shown lots of change in her before and after photos. In the after photo, she has a much smoother area underneath her eyelids than compared to her before photo. The right kind of filler or eyelid tightening can do that. You can also see that the direction that her eyes slope has changed. She has more of a fox eye look which can be done with makeup, but if you are looking for a more permanent solution, we can do this surgically (or with Botox) as well!

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