This Photo of Tom Brady has been circulating the internet raising lots of questions. Most are asking if he had his buccal fat removed. First of all, people may be wondering what buccal fat is. It is a fat pad found in the part of your cheeks where you can suck in. People usually seek this procedure to get rid of that “chubby cheek look”. Removing them is fast and easy. An incision is made on the inside of the mouth, most of the fat is removed and then you are sent home with a few stitches. This is all done under local anesthesia and the downtime is pretty minimal. The result is a sleeker, more defined facial structure that is often sought out by runway models.

Now back to the question… Did Tom Brady in fact have his buccal fat removed? That is a definite maybe. He looks pretty thin now. People may raise the point that he just got really in shape and maybe lost a bit of weight, but we all know that Tom has always been in shape. Buccal fat doesn’t usually tend to fluctuate with weight loss and weight gain, and the change would be minimal if it did. So suddenly seeing drastic chiseling in that area usually indicates a buccal fat removal procedure has been done.

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