Buttock Sculpting using Sculptra (Brazilian Butt Lift) Boston

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Jen Selter are famous for their fabulous backsides, and who wouldn’t want a shapely, sexy, perky behind?

Gluteal implants can be surgically placed, and they’re similar to breast implants, but for the butt. It can work well, but there are risks. The Brazilian Butt Lift takes excess fat and moves it to the backside. This is a good solution, but only works for people who have a lot of fat but a flat or thin butt. Also, you have to avoid lying on your back or sitting for three weeks after the surgery – not easy.

What do you do if you’ve done all the squats, donkey kicks, and other exercises and are in great shape but can’t get the perfect backside? Come see us! At The Spiegel Center we’ve had great success using Sculptra™ to create the perfect behind and hips.

Sculptra™ is an injectable material that stimulates your body to create more of itself. Dr Spiegel will place this material exactly where you need it, and you’ll quickly enjoy the rounder, higher, sexier butt you’ve wanted. You’ll fill out your jeans and drive people wild.

This is the perfect solution for people who don’t have the time for a prolonged recovery, want a natural result, or don’t have a lot of fat to move around. This is a game changer!


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