Trim, Tailored, and Tucked: Getting a sexy figure after pregnancy or weight loss.

Skin can stretch and shrink. You can gain weight, then lose it, then gain it back (sound familiar?) and your skin stays put. It’s like yoga pants. Your skin moves with you and stays form fitting.
But there is a limit.

If you gain a lot of weight, and then lose it, your skin is unlikely to be able to go completely back to the way it was. It stretched too much and new skin grew to cover your increased size.
This is a common situation for women after they’ve given birth. After 9 months of a growing baby the belly skin can get very distended. Sometimes the belly grows so fast that the skin can’t keep up and you get stretch marks (or scars) where the skin did its best to keep you covered!
The extra skin that persists after pregnancy or significant weight loss can look unsightly and interfere with showing an attractive figure.

This is where a Tummy Tuck comes in.

We take the extra skin away so that you’re back to having just the right amount of skin to cover your body. Often loose abdominal muscles (stretched from pregnancy) are repaired at the same time. A row of stitches is hidden just underneath the line of your favorite underwear or bathing suit bottom so that the resulting scar is well camouflaged.

A Tummy Tuck often involves a bit of liposuction at the same time to help create the best figure around the waist. It can also be combined with a breast lift and fat grafting for a full “mommy makeover” to get a truly sexy look.

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