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The Beauty Secrets Your Favorite Celebrities Don’t Want You To Know

If you are in your 20s or early 30s you may already be noticing some early signs of aging; a lot of small subtle changes that start adding up, and you may ask yourself “how do I stop or even correct these.?” Both Botulinum injections (commonly referred to as Botox) and Facial Fillers are great […]

Why Instagram is becoming a Great Marketing Tool for Plastic Surgeons

Drspiegel instagram

When the topic of marketing tools arises in the medical industry, most people tend to only think about Facebook and Twitter. However, more and more plastic surgeons are beginning to see the potential that Instagram has as an online marketing tool. Take a look below to see why this social network should no longer be […]

Everyone Should Leave Gillian Anderson Alone

Gillian Anderson

Image Source: Known for the fantastic role she plays in the TV Series The X Files, Gillian Anderson has had to deal with some rather nasty jibes and rumors claiming that she has had to have had plastic surgery performed in order to still look so much younger than her co-star David Duchovny. Back […]

New Plastic Surgery Trend? Looking Like Kylie Jenner

According to an article published by, it would seem as though Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner are in a constant competition of trying to see who can look the best; however, a source has revealed exclusively to the site that Blac is quite “insecure about her looks.” Just recently, she has visited a […]

Easy for you to Say, George Clooney!

Each year, millions of men around the country have some type of plastic surgery procedures carried out in a bid to look younger or even to correct minor imperfections pertaining to their appearance – despite the fact that George Clooney seems to think that men should not be having any form of cosmetic surgery performed. […]

Famous Actors Who Not Only Love their Plastic Surgery – They Flaunt it!

Two actors with slate

Each year, millions of people undergo one or more forms of plastic surgery, either to enhance their appearances, to correct minor flaws or even to help restore their appearances after being involved in accidents. Although society generally doesn’t notice when everyday people have cosmetic surgery performed, it sure sits up and takes notice when celebrities […]

Why the World Should Leave Bruce Jenner Alone

Each year, thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed throughout the country, with options such as nose jobs, breast augmentation and facelifts being some of the most popular choices. However, there is another option that is fast gaining popularity as well, which is FFS surgery. In fact, there has recently been a great deal of […]

Is Kate Middleton Planning a Mommy Makeover?

While Kate Middleton may be preparing for the birth of her second child with Prince William, there is much gossip doing the rounds regarding possible baby names, its gender and even the date that he or she is due to be born. However, additional rumors seem to be circulating regarding her post-baby body plan, which […]

New E! Series Discusses Various Celebrity Plastic Surgeries


Most people have seen celebrities who look stunning after having plastic surgery performed, as well as those who should have rather stayed away from the surgeon altogether. The newest series from E! is an in-depth program that is going to be examining, celebrating and even criticizing in some cases, the good, the bad and the […]

How One Man Spent 150K in Plastic Surgery to look like Kim Kardashian

Plastic surgery is nothing new in today’s society; every so often someone will walk past a person who looks simply unreal in some aspect or the other and think to themselves how that person must have been surgically modified. Of course, not all plastic surgery is cosmetic, and the field has been making strong strides […]