When it comes to looks, a large number of people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their chin. In some cases, it may stick out too far, or in other instances, it may not be pronounced enough. Thanks to advancements that have been made in the realm of cosmetic and plastic surgery, patients are now able to opt for various form of chin surgery that will help to correct the issue.

Introducing Chin Augmentation Surgery

Various methods are used to assist with reshaping the chin. Sometimes, a small implant is inserted into the chin that will change its appearance. In situations where a more drastic change is required, tissue and bone that surround the chin bone itself are re-contoured in order to achieve the desired result. Over the years, Dr Spiegel has assisted many patients with the process of enhancing the appearance of their chins, which in turn has worked wonders at improving their self-esteem.

How Chin Augmentation Surgery is Performed

The operation begins with a small incision being made between the patient’s bottom lip and lower front teeth. This is done in order for the doctor to perform the reshaping surgery and leave no outward evidence of the procedure afterwards. During the procedure, the tissue surrounding the chin bone will be reshaped and stitched carefully into the desired position. Should the patient require a more pronounced appearance to their chin, a solid silicone implant will be inserted in order to achieve this.

Other Methods used for Chin Surgery

Although uncommon, performing a sliding genioplasty may be required. This involves having to break a small part of the jawbone and move it forward. This method is not always required, as very few patients will actually benefit from this form of chin augmentation surgery. In most cases, more effective results have been obtained during chin surgery when less invasive techniques are used. An added benefit is that when simpler forms of surgery are used, the patient is also able to recover and enjoy their new appearance a lot quicker.

Boost your Self-Confidence

While many people may assume that those who opt for a chin augmentation may be conceited or vain, this is not always the case. Many people are extremely self-conscious regarding the appearance of their chin and other facial features. Having the opportunity to make the desired changes to their facial appearance may be all that is required in order to boost their self-esteem to new levels. Sometimes, a change like this can mean the world of difference when it comes to climbing corporate or social ladders.

Although this type of surgery is able to change the lives of many people, it is important to discuss the various options available with your plastic surgeon. They will be able to advise you whether a particular technique is suited to your situation and whether there are alternative options or not. Before having cosmetic surgery, it is important to advise your surgeon of any existing medical conditions that you may have.

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