Cheek Augmentation Boston

Cheek augmentation is a simple and subtle option for those who are looking to accentuate the upper face and give their face a more heart-shaped look while diminishing the appearance of the lower face. This is ideal in feminization surgery since our goal is to draw the focus to the eyes and away from the wider jaw angle.

This “scarless” procedure begins with small incisions made in the mouth. A tight pocket is created and solid silicone implants are placed under the soft tissue over the cheekbones. The implants are available in several shapes and can be placed over and under the cheekbone or closer to the nose. In some cases, a bone-filler paste is used and this can be molded to its desired shape.

Once the implants are properly placed, the incisions are closed with absorbable stitches. The implants are stitched in place and the tissue covering them acts as a natural adhesive to keep the implants in place. Patients are swollen for a few weeks following surgery but are able to eat immediately after surgery and can return to their daily activities just a few days after surgery. A mouthwash is used after surgery to keep the incision healthy and clean and antibiotics are prescribed to avoid infection.

Cheek augmentation is a quick and easy procedure that can dramatically improve the overall shape of the face, enhance the appearance of your eyes and add that something special to your look.


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