It is likely that no place in the world has done more of these procedures than The Spiegel Center (TSC) in Boston! Forehead reduction can involve two primary changes: advancing the hairline or reducing the forehead bone.

First, it may involve reducing the length from the hairline to the eyebrows or eye sockets. Many women feel they have an exceptionally long forehead due to a high hairline. We can lower your hairline in a few different ways. Our doctors make a very carefully placed wavy incision in front of your hairline. Then, by releasing the tissue under the scalp, the hair can be brought forward to make the forehead smaller. This can reduce the forehead by 0.5 to up to 2 inches depending upon your anatomy. It is true that this leaves a thin scar, but when your hair is dense this scar becomes very hard to see as it matures. Furthermore, our doctors can make the incision in such a way that your own hair grows through and in front of the scar to hide it. (This is called a trichophytic incision.) Another approach to hide any scarring is by hair grafting. At TSC, we use FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair grafting with the latest technology in order to transfer hairs from the back of the head to the front without leaving a long scar behind your head. You can even have a short haircut without worry of seeing a hair graft scar. Sometimes we’ll suggest a combination of the two approaches for the best result. Scalp advancement takes approximately one hour with some bruising and swelling lasting 1-2 weeks, typically. The top of your head will seem a bit numb for a while, but should heal back to normal with time. Overall, people typically find this to be a very rewarding procedure with an easy recovery.

Second, you may want to change the shape of your forehead. Changing the length of the forehead is done by adjusting the hairline, but you may not like the shape of the bone. Again, The Spiegel Center has unparalleled experience with this procedure and people around the world use the techniques we pioneered to shape the forehead. Through the same incision used for hairline advancement (forehead reduction), our doctors can smooth out irregularities, reduce a strong brow, and make the eyes look bigger and brighter. When this is done with hairline advancement, the entire procedure takes less than 2 hours and the recovery is very similar to advancing the hairline, though sometimes there is some bruising around the eyes. Using our special techniques, this procedure is safer than getting your tonsils removed (and has an easier recovery).

If you are looking for forehead reduction, hairline surgery, or forehead shaping the best results come from the team with the most experience in the world, and that’s TSC!

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