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This is one of our most favorite procedures, and Dr. Spiegel is recognized as one of the world’s masters at lip lifting and shaping.  He was also the first surgeon to report the ability to perform lip lift at the same time rhinoplasty.

Attractive lips are full, red, and shapely for sure.  Lip fillers can help in many cases to get you a beautiful result However, one of the key features for attractive, feminine, youthful lips is tooth show.  Your upper lip should not extend down enough to block your upper teeth – seeing these upper teeth when your mouth is at rest is a very powerful signal of beauty.

lip lift
Lip Lift Before & After

There are many types of lip lift and they have terms like endonasal lip lift, bullhorn lip lift, corner lift, heart lift, philtrum lift, and others.  Dr. Spiegel will help you identify exactly the right type of lift for your lips to get you a gorgeous result without anyone knowing how you look so good.

Typically, a segment of skin is removed to roll out and shorten while lifting the upper lift.  Dr. Spiegel will customize where he lifts in order to get the right shape everywhere, not just in the center of the mouth.  The corners can be elevated too for a happier, more friendly appearance.

Stitches are typically in place for one week, and you’ll look great shortly thereafter.  And, uniquely described by Dr. Spiegel, if you want fuller lips at the same time, Dr. Spiegel can place the skin and fat removed from high on the lip back into the red of the lip for a beautiful lip augmentation at the same time!

Lip lift is the missing element for many people between looking good and looking great.  It’s so easy to learn more.  Come see us today!


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Procedure: Lip Lift
Source: Real Self

After doing fillers around and in my lips for a opulent years I decided to have a lip lift. The islets were ok but I was never truly satisfied wit the results and I couldn’t figure out why. I had some other fillers done st The Spiegel center with Dr. Onir Spiegel and age told me I was a great candidate for a lip lift. I went one and started to investigate looking at pictures reviews etc. and finally decided to go for it. I never really knew about “tooth show” and shortening the space between he lip and nose for a more youthful look I had the procedure done yesterday with Dr. Spiegel. The procedure was pretty painless. The injections for the novocaine were a bit uncomfortable but it was quick. Right after the procedure I had a lot of swelling which was explained to me. I had a little pain but once I took the medication I was fine I’m on day 2 and there is still lots of swelling. I’ll keep updating as I go along. I really liked Dr. Spiegel and his staff. They make you feel very comfortable every step of the way



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