Lip Augmentation Boston

There are a number of different options for lip implants (natural, synthetic, solid or injected) that can be added to provide additional fullness to the lips.   The most common implant Dr. Spiegel uses is called a dermal fat graft.  This is a mixture of fat, skin and soft tissue. This is a small piece of living tissue that is placed into the lips.  Since the implant is made from your own tissue there are fewer allergies, infections, or other reactions to worry about.  The results are long lasting and the lips feel completely natural!  Many other options are also available ranging from fat grafting, to injectable fillers, to permanent implants.

Lips are typically extremely puffy following these procedures—especially if an implant is placed.  However, the majority of swelling is gone quickly. 

There are other great non-surgical options including Restylane®, Juvederm® or Versa which are dermal fillers to give you luscious full lips.

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