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Do you have excess fat under your chin? Do you wish you could improve your profile without surgery? Then, Fat Freezing or Kybella treatments may be the answer for you. At The Spiegel Center, we offer Fat Freezing using an advanced and highly effective fat reduction system. Our Boston Fat Freezing treatment offers results that, we believe, are better than traditional Boston CoolSculpting treatment. We customize each Fat Freezing procedure in order to provide you with personalized results. This procedure is great to start reducing the submental fullness under your chin, and works well in combination with Kybella and Nefertiti Botox to relax the platysma and give you that beautiful sharp jaw line.

What is Fat Freezing?

In general the treatment feels warm and pleasant for a few minutes, then for about 7-10 minutes feels quite cold. After that, you won’t feel much for the next 45-60 minutes when the treatment is over. It is comfortable enough to read, work, play on your phone and get other treatments like Fillers and Botox at the same time. The skin will be red and cold feeling afterwards, and may feel numb or slightly sore for a few weeks, but in general there is little down time.

The Benefits of Fat Freezing

There are many benefits, including virtually no downtime, no needles, no scarring from incisions, and it leaves the skin healthy. The treatment continues to work several months after the procedure has been performed so you can see the improvement continuing weeks after you did the quick and comfortable procedure. For best results, multiple treatments are helpful.

What is Kybella?

The Spiegel Center was of very first practices to offer Kybella in Boston, an injectable solution that targets and removes chin and neck fat! The procedure takes only a few minutes and you can return back to your regular life activities immediately following your visit.

The active ingredient help dissolve fat naturally. Upon injection, the medicine attacks the fat to break it up and the body then absorbs and flushes the fat away. Some swelling may be noticeable for a little while following Kybella treatment but should resolve quickly and the procedure result becomes noticeable after just a few weeks! The number of treatments you need depends upon how much fat you want to eliminate. This is a great nonsurgical office-based way to reduce stubborn fat pockets under your neck, those annoying bra fat bulges, and more.

How Much Does Fat Freezing and Kybella Cost?

The cost of your Fat Freezing in Boston and the cost of Kybella in Boston will be determined by factors like the number of areas being treated and the number of treatments needed to provide you with your ideal results. During your consultation, our team can let you know what the cost of your fat freezing in Boston will be, and you can compare it to the cost of Coolsculpting in Boston. We do offer financing options to help make the payment process more manageable.

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We believe in these treatments, and many of our own team have had Fat Freeing and Kybella done with great results! (It’s only one of the reasons we all look so good.)

Take an hour for yourself and look your very best. Contact The Spiegel Center today to schedule a consultation for your fat freezing in Boston and Kybella in Boston. Dr. Spiegel has been expertly trained to perform both treatments and can provide you with great, natural-looking results.

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I usually visit the Spiegel Center for Botox with Dr. Onir and also laser hair removal. I recently decided that I wanted to try fat freezing. Like many women, I hold excess fat in my lower abdomen. It has been there my whole life, but became more noticeable after having kids. It seemed that no matter how much weight I lost I still had this protruding belly! I was nervous the day of my first treatment. Mostly scared that it would hurt or be uncomfortable, but also that it wouldn’t work. Dr. Onir explained what the procedure would feel like and made me feel at ease. She also explained that while the procedure is effective, it could take several treatments in the lower belly area as it is a difficult spot, particularly for women. Once the device was attached, there was a strong suction as the fat squeezed up in the machine. There was heat at first that eventually turned cold. It felt strange, but not painful. It was not difficult to sit through the 45 minute session. Uzma, the Aesthetics Care Coordinator, checked in with me several times and continued to make sure that I was comfortable. Post treatment there was a little soreness, but nothing exceptional. No need for Tylenol or pain killers. In a couple of weeks I noticed that my pants were just slightly easier to button, so definitely a positive sign. I have two additional treatments scheduled and I’m looking forward to seeing the results in a month or two.


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