Browlift/Fox Eye Lift Boston

What is an Browlift/Fox Eye lift?

If you look tired or upset and you’re not. If you think your upper eyelids are sagging too much. If the horizontal lines on your forehead are getting out of hand. If any of these things are happening to you – somebody might tell you to get a facelift, or your eyes done, or get some injections. However, what you may need is a browlift or Fox Eye lift at our Boston plastic surgery office.

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I won’t deny it. The eye brow lift is one of my favorite procedures. Why? Because it offers amazing results with a short recovery time, and, because so few people think of this. With a simple eye brow procedure, I can help lift a drooping brow, smooth horizontal forehead lines that are making you look older, improve sagging eyebrows, and even make your eyes look better. And, it’s all done with only two very small incisions hidden in your hair. I can do all this with only two small incisions because I use very specialized instruments and a television camera. The procedure is done endoscopically to minimize the incision size.

If you are a candidate for an eye brow lift, we will meet and discuss the goals you hope to achieve with the procedure. A brow lift alone may be all you need but can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as an eyelid lift, or chemical peeling, to achieve the best overall improvement. In fact, some people who think they need an eyelid lift find that they would actually benefit more from an eye brow lift.

Browlift/Fox Eye lift
Browlift/Fox Eye Lift Before & After 

How is a Browlift/Fox Eye Lift Performed?

Before the procedure, we will take photographs and detail your medical history. The eye brow lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and may be done under local anesthesia, although we can consider general anesthesia if that is your preference.

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Patients typically experience some forehead numbness (temporary) after the procedure. Pain medication can control any minimal discomfort around the incision. Cold compresses help reduce swelling that may occur in the days that follow. The few hidden stitches are typically removed after a week.

Most patients are back on their feet in a day or two and back in their usual routine within a week. Often people feel ready to go out even the evening after their eye brow lift surgery! Of course, naturally, I advise against any strenuous activity for a couple of weeks.

The aim of an eye brow lift is to enhance your natural beauty and make you look better without making you look different. People will notice how much better you look, and the new, younger-looking brow will help lift your entire face, giving you a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

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Procedure: Browlift/Fox Eye Lift
Source: Realself Reviews 3/23/2020
Amazing!!! Dr.Spiegel and his team are wonderful. From the start, Carole my patient care coordinator was very diligent and helped me with all the information regarding the procedure. I had my first pre-op consultation via facetime with Dr.Spiegel . His compassion, dedication, and experience put me at ease from the beginning. My procedure was brow bone reduction/Forehead Contouring. I absolutely love the results and couldn’t be happier. He is truly a master at this art.
Thank you so much to Dr. Spiegel and his great Team



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