Chin Reshaping Surgery Boston

The chin can be reshaped in a number of different ways, the most popular of which is with an implant or by contouring the bone and tissue surrounding the bone. Mentoplasty, also referred to as genioplasty, is a surgical procedure to change the contour of the chin to create a more pleasing facial profile.

Surgery may be performed to either increase the size and/or shape of the chin as augmentation or to lessen the prominence and/or size of the chin as reduction.

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For either option, a small incision is made in the mouth between your front lower teeth and the bottom of your lip. In some rare cases, an incision may also be made under the chin. Dr. Spiegel is able to expertly contour the bone and tissue and reshape it to give you a more attractive and balanced chin. The tissue surrounding the chin is extremely dense and fibrous. Dr. Spiegel is able to stitch this tissue into the desired position and the tissue will heal in that preferred position. When an implant is used, he makes a small pocket by the chin and a natural feeling surgical implant is then placed to add just the right shape to your chin. These implants come in a variety of size and are typically made of a solid silicone. Then, a few stitches are placed to close the incision and permanently conceal the implant. In some situations, a sliding genioplasty may be performed. This is when a small piece of the jaw is moved forward. The results can be dramatic!

Chin Augmentation
Chin Augmentation Before & After

After surgery the chin may be swollen and tender for one to two weeks. Some bruising around the chin is also common. A mouthwash is used after surgery to keep the incision clean and antibiotics are prescribed to avoid infection.

While you can go home shortly after the procedure, it’s best to plan on resting for the first few days. Most people feel ready to return to a regular routine in about 5 or 6 days. All strenuous activity, such as exercise, should be avoided for four weeks following the procedure. Intense exercise like running, yoga, aerobics, and weightlifting may be resumed after 6 weeks.

Similar to the cheek augmentation surgery, a chin implant can be performed right in the office.

This is a great way to achieve balance, beauty, and even a nicer neck. What are you waiting for? Talk to us today!


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Procedure: Chin Augmentation
Source: Real Self
Dr. Spiegel did an amazing job! I’m 12 days post op and back in the office. His staff is very helpful. I started with a Skype consultation about 3 months ago. I told him what I want to have done and asked if that made sense. He agreed with me and answered all of my questions I asked. His office sent me everything I need to know and do pre op and post op. I followed their instructions precisely. I had three procedures done. I ultimately chose this doctor because he has the best reputation for what I wanted to have done.The biggest surprise is my chin implant. I love it! People say the chin implant can have the most complications post surgery. My new chin feels fine and looks great. I did keep my wrap tight around my chin and head. I also made sure I did not sleep on my sides. I wore that wrap 24/7 other than when I showered or took pictures. My lip lift came out perfect. My trachea shave was done well. The swelling is still going down. My voice is almost back to normal. I have pics before surgery with and without makeup and pics after surgery without and with makeup. I’m writting this 12 days post op and will post new pics in two more months.



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