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Can You See Good Plastic Surgery?

Woman getting laser procedure

Can you see good plastic surgery? What does good plastic surgery look like? The answer is, it’s invisible! Well done plastic surgery allows a person to successfully project who they are without looking like they’ve put any effort into doing so. Truly artful aesthetic surgery conveys a feeling and sends joy to the individual and […]

5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes Post Plastic Surgery

Lady with towel around neck

Your doctor will probably give you a list of recommendations for lifestyle changes before your plastic surgery, and it’s always a good idea to follow these if you want to experience the best possible results. However, for even better results, you might want to consider seeing them through for your entire lifetime. Here are five […]

Why Ecigs Should Be Given Up Before Plastic Surgery


Most people who smoke know that the chemicals in cigarettes are unhealthy, and some of them turn to electronic cigarettes, also called ecigarettes or simple ecigs, as what they feel is a healthier alternative. However, just last week, two prominent plastic surgeons advised that patients should put down the ecigs at least four weeks before […]

Plastic Surgery and Insurance Coverage—Everything You Need to Know

Pencil circling insurance

“Will insurance cover my plastic surgery?”—that’s a great question If you’re going to invest in plastic surgery, you want to make sure you’re not paying for something your insurance covers. Plastic surgery and insurance coverage are a bit tricky—there’s always gray areas and thin lines. Here’s everything you need to know: Your Insurance Company and […]

Plastic Surgery and Lifestyle- Why You Need a Healthy Balance

2 people doing yoga

A healthy lifestyle is a great compliment to regular plastic surgery and is also required to fully maximize the benefits of any procedure. Exercise, proper nutrition, and happiness will help your new face glow. New attributes will be enhanced. Confidence will increase. A new and improved you will be the result. Adopting a healthy lifestyle […]

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?

Beautiful girl looking in the mirror and trying on an elegant dress

It’s quite different to look at photos of the youthful Michael Jackson and the adult one. There’s no denying the fact that the once larger than life entertainer might have gone a bit too far. Many question his motivations behind having so much done to alter his appearance. Plastic surgery addiction is a label that’s […]

Why Hopping Over the Border for Plastic Surgery Isn’t Smart

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It’s recently become popular to “border hop” for cheaper plastic surgery services. The idea might seem exciting and attractive, but you should take note that there can be serious consequences associated with it. Horror stories about surgeries gone terribly wrong are coming out almost daily. Botched nose job, breast augmentation, and weight reduction surgeries have […]

5 Tips on Lifestyle Changes Post Plastic Surgery

Woman smiling

Plastic surgery can dramatically transform the way you look and feel. However, in some cases, it is up to you to maintain that post-surgery happiness with lifestyle changes that can fight aging, help you keep a healthy weight, and allow you to continue to enjoy the results. Eat Right Liposuction is a great way to […]

The Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

Plane landing by beach

Although many people want to have plastic surgery performed, a lot of them find that they cannot afford to do so – unless they are willing to travel overseas. While it can be tempting to have cosmetic surgery performed for a fraction of the price of that in the U.S., it is crucial for would-be […]

Why You Should Be Careful when Traveling Abroad for Plastic Surgery

Airplane in sky

Millions of people in the United States travel abroad for plastic surgery every year. In fact, it has become so popular that people dub it a “surgical vacation”. However, plastic surgery is no vacation in any country, and if you travel abroad to save money, you may just pay the price in other ways. Here […]

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