Plastic surgery has always had something of a taboo surrounding it. When celebrities especially receive these procedures, there’s a certain amount of coverage surrounding it, often to judge how successful the procedure was, or, as contrast, how flawed their new appearance is. The same thing can often be seen in everyday life, but the truth of the matter is that plastic surgery procedures are significantly more common today, and are far less worth hiding as a result.

Why Hide?

The potential for plastic surgery is enormous. Today, with only a pile of money, a person’s appearance can be so drastically altered that they can look like an entirely different person, and can look like it convincingly. Every so often, an individual takes this concept as far as they can, and they come out shunned and judged by society. A simple Google search for “spends on plastic surgery” brings up several results, all treated the same way by commentators – as though the individuals covered are freaks. The result of this has been a negative connotation around plastic surgery. Often, it is looked down upon, because to many, an expensive, irreversible procedure to change appearance is simply too strange.

Becoming more Understanding

Just because something isn’t properly understood, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The cosmetics industry is one that is constantly changing, and not every popular development was understood right away. It was less than a century ago that lipstick was shunned for being too provocative; women who wore it were compared to prostitutes and told they were hurting their careers. Today, cosmetic surgery is shunned in a somewhat similar way, and despite this, its popularity has been steadily rising since 2000. Thankfully, the attention it’s received through the media has not been entirely negative, and it is becoming more accepted that what a person does with their body is their own business and no one else’s.

Be Proud Of Your Choices

Ultimately, what you decide to do with your body is your choice. There are countless procedures that can be performed to shift appearances, which gives everyone the freedom to express themselves in any way they’d like. From the smaller procedures, like Botox injections, to the significantly more noticeable alterations, the potential is huge. By not hiding their cosmetic preferences, individuals are further reinforcing the idea that there isn’t anything wrong with any cosmetic surgeries, and that no one else should have to hide after undergoing such a procedure. The way the current trend is going, plastic surgery is well on its way to being accepted, and will continue to be for years to come.

The reasons to hide plastic surgery procedures are rapidly disappearing. In today’s society, cosmetic surgeries are increasingly popular, and becoming far more capable of successful results than they have ever been. As social pressure to avoid these procedures becomes another out-dated cosmetic taboo, those who are not ashamed of their choices, but rather embrace them, are helping to show the world that this is simply another cosmetic choice that anyone can make.

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