Yes folks you heard it correctly, back to school plastic surgery is the new growing trend. Since plastic surgery is such a widespread practice these days even young professionals looking to modify their aesthetic features are stepping into plastic surgery centers all over the globe before they hit the books again.

With so many young adults heading back to the classroom right now many are starting to turn towards the wonderful world of plastic surgery for certain corrections that might make them feel better starting the new school year. In a recent AOL Healthy Living article they discuss this growing trend in further detail.

“Last year, according to statistics provided by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS), 15 percent of all procedures in the U.S. were performed on patients under age 21. For young, high school students like Annie, the most popular ones included breast augmentation (4,153), rhinoplasty (9,094) and otoplasty (10,746). While teens account for a relatively small percentage of the 9 million people currently seeking cosmetic surgery, it represents an unprecedented growing trend, (a 5 percent increase since 2009), with a total of 125,397 individuals requesting body enhancements before they reach college age.”