One of the growing trends in Asian surgeries is a focus on changing the flat-bridged nose sported by many East Asian women to something with a sweeping curve. The ideal shape sought in this Asian nose surgery resembles the Eiffel Tower. This has become a popular surgery along the Pacific Rim, especially in China and Korea. It is unsure whether people just like the cosmetic look of a more curved nose or they think it will help their job prospects.

The Eiffel Tower Nose

If you’ve never taken a good look at the Eiffel Tower, you should do so. The structure actually makes a highly desirable model for a nose, with an elegant curve and subtle slope. In fact, many Asian cosmetic surgery advertisements are highlighting the similarity between the tower and an ideal nose, using an image of the structure in their billboards and ads. Although this nose shape is highly desirable, it is generally not found in East Asian women. An increased interest in the looks and styles of the western world has changed the public’s perception of beauty, however, leading to an increased interest in minor cosmetic surgery designed to provide a more western nose.

How it Works

Women from East Asia typically have completely different-shaped noses compared to those of western women. In order to gain the coveted Eiffel Tower nose, the bridge and septum needs to be surgically altered. To accomplish this, the doctor performing the Asian nose surgery does a simple bone graft that builds up the septum of the nose. From there, the nose can be reshaped and made into the more elegant curve that women have begun to desire. This procedure is now available in China, Japan, Korea, and other areas along the Pacific Rim. It has also been performed in Europe and the United States by several cosmetic surgeons over the past few years.

Cultural Impact of the Nose

These Asian surgeries can often come with significant costs, yet many students graduating from college are still finding the procedure to be well worth the cost. Why is that? Mostly because the Eiffel Tower nose is believed to give young people an advantage in job interviews. Whether this is because they feel more confident with their looks or whether Asian society has a bias toward subtle western features is unknown. There are no specific job statistics currently available to back up the belief that the cosmetic surgery will actually give the advantage that young people think it does, but in a period where the world is facing an economic downturn, people want any advantage possible.

As with all forms of cosmetic surgery, the so-called Eiffel Tower nose is a purely personal choice. There are many cosmetic surgeons worldwide that can perform this Asian nose surgery as well as other cosmetic-based Asian surgeries, so young people have many more options as to what to do with their appearance now than ever before.

Above Image Source: YouTube