Improving Self-Esteem

One RealSelf user had this to say about the plastic surgery that she had performed,” I [did] not feel my age and I [found] it frustrating to have all these skin bulges hanging down. I’d thought about a tummy tuck before, but I always thought it would be too expensive and put the thought aside. But I started thinking about it again and began laying a foundation for something that had only been a dream.” After having the tummy tuck done, she stated, “I’m feeling blessed! I’ve gone from wearing sizes 14-16 to a size 10! My granddaughter, a college woman in her 20s, commented that I look like I am in my 30s. I’ll definitely take that compliment, especially since I’m about to turn 67!”

Popular Options

Although age-reversing treatments like eyelid surgery and facelifts are currently among the most popular options for senior plastic surgery, there has also been steady growth in elective treatments such as rhinoplasty, breast lifts and Botox treatments. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hopkins stated the following in this regard, “I’ve definitely seen an increase in older adults for all types of plastic surgery. To me, the reason seems pretty straightforward. People are living longer and are in better health. Many boomers and older adults are exercising on a regular basis and trying to stay fit. All of us want to look as good as we feel. This group is really no different than their younger counterparts.”

Age-Related Concerns

There has been a fair amount of concern regarding the safety of these procedures when performed on seniors. However, Dr. Hopkins has stated that being healthy before surgery is essential – regardless of a patient’s age. He said, “As with any surgery, and especially elective surgery, it’s mandatory for the surgeon to do a good medical workup before deciding to operate on any individual. Just because a person is older, it doesn’t mean they’re in poor health. I’ve met individuals younger than 50 who are not healthy enough for surgery. It’s not about physical age, but about physiological age.”

Dr. Hopkins also stated that he has seen potential benefits to undergoing plastic surgery later in life. “I’ve noticed that older patients seem to have less pain after surgery. Or maybe they just tolerate it better. They also seem to be very realistic about what can be achieved with cosmetic surgery.”

Another RealSelf user stated that she had considered the idea of breast enhancement surgery for 40 years before finally having it done. “I encourage [anyone] – if you’re considering breast augmentation or having a procedure done to your face, whatever. It can give you a better outlook on life. It gives you confidence that you didn’t have before. You’re never too old to do something for yourself if it makes you feel good.”

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