2022 saw many developments and trends in plastic surgery, but what’s going to be hot in Plastic surgery for the coming year? The experts and innovators at The Spiegel Center weigh in.

Here are the top seven predictions for the coming year:

1. Butts get more sculpted, not just large.

The BBL trend will start to fade, and people will go for definition. Watch for people to flaunt a defined buttock crease where it transitions to the thigh, smooth backsides without cellulite, and high, not just full buttocks. Expect this to grow in popularity (and on social media) as these results are achievable with quick office procedures instead of big surgeries. Hip dips and smaller indentations will be tackled with fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse as the results are both phenomenal and long-lasting, without the recovery (and irregularity) of a BBL.

2. Thick hair will be more important than ever.

With COVID hair loss in the news, people have become more conscientious about their hair. Just as the formerly desired thin, trimmed eyebrows have moved back towards fuller bushier eyebrows, that trend will continue with the hair. PRF, PRP, and hair grafts are growing in popularity as people will more than ever seek a dense mane. Hair grafting for density will trend, as will maintenance of hair with new office procedures and preparations.

3. Temples are in.

Filler in the temples will trend as people recognize that hollowed temples are a subconscious sign of aging and are easy to correct. People now are often surprised by how quickly they appear years younger with just one or two syringes injected into the temple area. The Spiegel Center has been a pioneer in these injections and long ago spoke out against excess cheek fillers and temple fillers. We’ve been talking and teaching other injectors how cheek fillers can make the temples appear hollower and, hence aging. Fillers to the temples help put the forehead protrusion and the cheekbones (zygomatic arches) on the same planes and thus make our faces younger. Goodbye to the peanut face look in 2023.

4. Non-surgical rhinoplasties

Non-surgical rhinoplasties (injection nose job) continue to make the list as a top plastic surgery trend for 2023, as people want quick results (ready for that next selfie). More than ever before, we expect people to seek these relatively non-invasive rhinoplasties that last for years to come with only minimal maintenance required every six to twelve months. Patients who come in once or twice a year for touch-up filler need so little that they can use the remainder of the syringe in other places in the face, like temples, chin, or Nasolabial folds (NLF). We expect this trend to continue as people use fillers to keep a nice nose until they have the time for a surgical rhinoplasty.

5. Lip volume is going to trend down.

Goodbye to huge lips. Where once we did 2-3 syringes, we’re now doing only one syringe a year at most, and more people are opting for lip lifts rather than fillers. It’s all about shape oversize. Huge lips on Instagram? So 2022…

6. Slim neck and snatched jaw continue to be desired.

Having a defined jawline with a long slender neck will continue to increase in desirability. The deep neck lift via a small incision under the chin, and minimally invasive neck tightening are booming. Taming the neck muscles with small botulinum injections of Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau, Dysport, or Daxxify will keep those results for years to come.

7. Bye-bye bat wings.

Moving into spring we’ll see a surge of interest in tight upper arms. Where once you traded tight arms for a long, unattractive scar, now, energy-based treatments (like Bodytite) with precise liposuction can be used to tighten and lift the arms for a toned youthful look, without stitches or long incisions.

And one bonus prediction:

8. Morpheus8 for the body will take off.

Energy delivery through small “microneedles” can be done comfortably with an only anesthetic cream. Wrinkles, stretch marks, and loose skin on the arms, knees, thighs, and abdomen areas will start to fade away and it won’t be a filter on the app. 2023 will see an expansion of where people want tight skin, especially over the summer months and in warm climates.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

With special expertise in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, and a particular skill for revision surgery, it’s clear why Dr. Spiegel is one of the most celebrated facial plastic surgeons in the world. If you are seeking the best possible results, or have a uniquely challenging problem, you’ve found the right doctor.

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Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir L. Spiegel

Dr. Onir (pronounced “oh-near”) has years of experience in facial aesthetics and treats some of the most recognizable and famous faces. Dr. Onir started her career in oral health, earning doctorate degrees from both New York University and Boston University. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her cutting-edge medical research as well as her technical skills in dentistry.

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Dr. Jacob Tower

Dr. Jacob Tower

A board-certified specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jacob Tower brings a thoughtful approach and an artistic eye to New England’s premier plastic surgery practice, The Spiegel Center in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition to being an in-demand surgeon, Dr. Tower is an assistant professor at the Boston University School of Medicine, a sought-after lecturer, and an expert in facial plastic surgery.

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