Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts? Try finding a present that makes your Valentine look and feel beautiful. From lotions and potions to spa treatments, we’ve got the scoop on all the best presents to give your Valentine this year.

Feel-Good Massage

Your Valentine works hard every day. Whether she is a full-time student, full-time employee or full-time mother, she deserves a good, relaxing massage. Whether done in the spa or by you, a massage will make your love feel beautiful. If you’re doing the massaging, invest in some massage oil your partner will really love. The best part about massage oils is that they can be used for more than just massages. Try dropping it into a bath or as an after-shower moisturizer. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift that can be used many times. If you decide to pay for a massage at a spa, give your Valentine an upgrade and include other salon services. Your lady will walk away from any massage feeling both relaxed and beautiful.

Radiating Facial

When you think beauty, your mind probably thinks of the face. Pamper your Valentine with a facial, something she would never think to buy for herself. Facials strip away dead skin cells and some facial treatments such as oxygen facials boost the growth of new skin skills, making the skin look radiant. Your lady will love how her skin looks and feels after a facial, making her feel even more beautiful than ever.

Fresh-Smelling Fragrances

The right scent can make a woman feel beautiful and sexy, especially if it’s a fragrance she knows her man will love. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest beauty shop and buy a fragrance that both you and your lady will love. From body sprays, spray-on perfume or rollerball perfume, you can find a fragrance for any budget. Plus, it’s nice to give Valentine’s Day gifts from the heart that she can also unwrap.

Skin Glowing Beauty Products

Does your Valentine flock to her favorite bath and body store every chance she gets? Chances are that she will love the latest lotions, creams, body washes and bubble baths. These beauty products will make your Valentine feel beautiful and they are sure to be a hit when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Take your gift up a notch and buy your love some makeup as well. Whether it’s a shade of lipstick you’ve always loved on her or an expensive lash-lengthening mascara she’s had her eye on, you can’t go wrong with a beauty grab bag with a few of her favorite things.

Dress Up Her Nails

Looking for classic Valentine’s Day gifts? Gift your love with a mani-pedi at her favorite nail salon. Your Valentine will love her hour at the salon as manicurists give her a beautiful manicure and pedicure as they also massage her arms and legs. Give your lady an upgrade from her usual services by adding on another spa treatment. Your Valentine will walk away from the salon feeling more beautiful than ever.

Whether it’s a simple at-home massage, a trip to the salon or a gift bag full of her favorite beauty goods, it’s easy to find Valentine’s Day gifts that will make your lady feel beautiful.

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